WP Dev Suite Review [2019]: Your Complete WP Plugin Guide

WP Dev Suite Review – Introduction

WordPress is installed on 74.6 million websites.  In 2017, WordPress users spent $18.6 million on WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon

So how do you get into this market opportunity?

WP Dev Suite

Released: April 2, 2018

Product Rating: 9.7/10


With its ability to create WordPress plugins quickly and get them into the marketplace, WP Dev Suite presents a unique opportunity to break into the plugin market with no coding necessary.
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Sell your own WordPress plugins!

If you’re a programmer then you can whip up your own plugins but what if you’re not?

You could pay a programmer but that could run thousands of dollars.

Is there a way to build and sell WordPress plugins for the average joe?

In today’s post, I’m going to introduce you to WP Dev Suite.

WP Dev Suite

With WP Dev Suite, anybody can build and sell plugins without any technical knowledge.

Here is what I’m going to cover in this WP Dev Suite Review:

WP Dev Suite Review – A Quick Overview

CreatorFiras Alame et al
ProductWP Dev Suite
Launch Date2018-April-2
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$47
Special Bonuses?YES
Home Pagehttps://WPDevSuite.com
Refund Policy14 day Moneyback Guarantee

If no results in 60 days DOUBLE money back guarantee


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What is WP Dev Suite?

WP Dev Suite is a suite of tools created by Dr. Alex Davidovic, Craig Crawford, and Firas Alameh to allow non-programmers to enter the lucrative WordPress plugin market.

WP Dev Suite consists of two programs, WP Plugin Boss and WP Master Developer.

WP Plugin Boss

WP Plugin Boss

WP Plugin Boss lets you generate your own plugins in under 60 seconds using one of the more than 50 WordPress plugin templates of the most popular plugins.

No coding necessary.

You build all of this in your web browser.  You just choose the template and then choose the name, branding, and the options and you build it right there in seconds.

And you OWN these plugins.

With such little effort to pop out plugins using this tool in the suite, I know what you’re thinking.

What makes these stand out….what good are these if just anyone can make them?

Plugins using the quick template have great uses.

  • You can create a few, brand them, and release them as a give-away for people joining your email list so you can really market your premium services and other more advanced plugins.
  • You can make a suite of plugins that you brand and sell as a package.  This is then a unique package.
  • Sell plugins either on your own website or Code Canyon
  • Sell your own affiliate plugins

So let’s look at what templates you do get with this.

The categories covered are:

  • Lightweight Plugins
  • Market Research Plugins
  • Plugin Templates
  • Posts and Pages Plugins
  • Sliders and Popups
  • Social Engagement Plugins
  • Utility Plugins
  • Widget Plugins

Here are some examples of the WordPress plugin templates you get to use.  You can rebrand them right on the site and have the plugin with your name, options, and brand in less than a minute.

Allow Contributor Images

This plugin template makes it possible to allow contributor accounts to be able to upload images to go with their articles but not automatically have all of the other permissions and rights you would normally need to do.

Disable Email Login

WordPress allows login by username or email address.  This will only allow login by email.

Disable JPG Compression

WordPress automatically compresses JPG images you upload to your library.  This will disable that within WordPress.

Disable RPC

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) can allow third-party apps to communicate with your WordPress install which is obviously a possible security exploit in the wrong hands.

This plugin will disable RPC on your install.

Disable Thumbs Creation

When you upload a new image to your library, WordPress automatically creates a small, medium, and large version.  That also takes up a bit more room.

If you only intent to use the original size, this rebrandable plugin will disable creation of the alternative image sizes.

Disable RSS Feed

WordPress automatically has a built-in RSS feed.  This plugin disables it.

Hide Login Errors

Hackers can use what is called a brute-force attack to try to guess login usernames or email addresses to then further try to guess the passwords.

The success or failure is determined by the output when the login is tried.  WordPress will either put out the error of a non-existing account or a password failure.  When they hit a password failure, they now have a valid account name, just not the password yet.

This rebrandable plugin will disable any failure output to make this type of brute-force attempts useless.

Single Post Search

When searching on a WordPress site, you always get a list of matching posts.

With this plugin, getting only one result will just take you right to the blog post.

WP Block Dashboard

With this plugin, users can get access to member-only content but not to an actual user dashboard.  Another way to protect a site.  A great plugin that is great for membership sites.

WP Charts

This plugin gives an easy way to add charts to pages.  Under the hood, it’s using the Google Chart API, but this plugin makes it easy to setup instead of all of the HTML by hand.

WP Dev Suite Boss WP Charts Plugin

WP Email Obfuscator

This plugin allows you to put up an email address but it’s obfuscated so it will discourage getting picked up by spambots.

WP Hotels Affiliate

Create your own branded plugin that searches hundreds of travel sites using HotelsCombined.

WP Crawler Boss

This plugin template allows you to create your own Competitor Research WordPress plugin.  The plugin will take a URL (such as a competitor) and find backlinks and top keywords for the URL.

WP Invoice Boss

This plugin allows a site owner to create customized, professional pricing pages for their clients.

WP Related Posts

This plugin will show related posts at the bottom of the article the visitor has been reading.

WP Upcoming Posts

This rebrandable plugin will entice visitors with future content so they will visit again or sign up for the newsletter.

WP Fancy Popups

This plugin can show popups in many different configurations.  The popups can be on all pages, certain pages, or after a certain amount of time.  They can have rich HTML so they can image and such.

WP Contest Pro

This plugin allows a site admin to create contests to increase the number of visitors and engagement.

Hide WP Version

This plugin will hide the WordPress version so if the WordPress version is slightly older it is less likely to become a target by hackers.

WP Google Maps

This plugin allows a site admin to easily add Google-powered maps to posts and pages with shortcode.

WP Total Users

This is a very capable social proof plugin which allows a site owner to show off how many visitors their site has as registered users.

That is just a selection of the lighter plugins you get in the WP Plugin Boss templates.

WP Master Developer

WP Master Developer

When you’re ready to go more advanced and customize the functionality of the plugins, you’re ready for WP Master Developer.

By making your own truly unique plugins, you can make even more money.

And this is included in your $47 purchase.

The core of WP Master Developer is the Javascript Code Editor.  All of the customizations you do will be Javascript functions.

The task of learning Javascript to code in your own custom functionality may seem impossible, but this code editor has some incredible features:

  • You have quick access from within the Code Editor to more than 2,500 built-in WordPress functions that you can reuse.
  • You can test live right from within the editor. No need to package and upload just to see if your changes worked.
  • It’s as simple as using Microsoft Word.

Here is what it looks like when you’re just starting out with the Code Editor before creating a plugin.

WP Master Developer Code Editor

The sky is the limit to what you can do here.

If you’re unfamiliar with programming, you can start out with just adding a custom function to an existing template of yours and build up from there.

What are the best features of WP Dev Suite?

There are many pros to WP Dev Suite.  If there weren’t I wouldn’t be writing this review.

Most of the great aspects about a piece of software that for $50 lets you crank out WordPress plugins like there’s no tomorrow.

  • No coding necessary
  • No need to hire an expensive developer
  • Low Price
  • The ability to create new plugins in minutes
  • Browser-based creation.  All you need is a computer with a web browser to build

So there are many positives to this software.  Especially when you consider once you sell 5-6 plugins the software has paid for itself.

What I don’t like about WP Dev Suite

No software is perfect and you usually get what you pay for.  WP Dev Suite has very few to say the least.

  • Many of the base templates for WP Plugin Boss may already be rebranded.  Just load the template into WP Master Developer and add a couple unique twists to get ahead.

Now, if you’re going to offer plugins as bonuses for signing up to an email list or as a bonus to software, then this con doesn’t really come into play.

WP Dev Suite Review – A Look Inside

While it all looks great, the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Is WP Dev Suite really this simple? Can you really build an actual plugin in under 60 seconds without coding?

So let’s do a example walkthrough right now of building a new plugin and uploading your new plugin into WordPress.

Let’s use WP Plugin Boss to create (rebrand) the WP Fancy Popups WordPress plugin.

The base WP Fancy Popups plugin is under the Sliders and Popups section and it lets you create popups in a variety of ways.  The popup can be configured once installed to have rich HTML popups, popups on only certain pages, or popups after a certain amount of time on-site.

So let’s find WP Fancy Popups and click on Rebrand this Plugin.

WP Plugin Boss Example Step 1

On the next page that comes up, you get to now set the options for your newly-branded plugin.

All of this information is what information is shown and what links users go to when they view your new plugin in the WordPress plugin list.

The Plugin Name is what you want to call your plugin and how it is labled within WordPress after the install.

Plugin URI is the “more information” link that users will be sent to when they click for more details in the WordPress Plugin list.

Description is the description of what your plugin is as it shows under the plugin list.

Author and Author URI are how the author’s name and the link to the author’s page appear under the list.

Version is what version this particular plugin build is.  Usually 1.0 is the first version.


WP Plugin Boss Example Step 2

Once that’s all filled in, click the Create Plugin! link.

Almost instantly your new plugin will be ready.

Just click on the Download your new plugin link and you’ll be presented a zip file to save.

Now to upload it to WordPress and install it to test it out.

Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins.

On the Plugins page, click the Add New button.

WP Plugin Boss Example Step 3

On the Add New Plugins page, click on Upload Plugin button.

WP Plugin Boss Example Step 4

Then on the new section that pop up, click on the Choose File button and then choose the Zip file you downloaded from the site.

Click the Install Now button to upload and install the plugin.  It won’t be activated just yet.

WP Plugin Boss Example Step 5

On the next screen, you can activate the plugin and your new plugin you just created (without coding) is live!

WP Plugin Boss Example Step 6

So that’s just how simple it actually is to rebrand and upload your own plugin

When you want to do custom function additions with WP Master Developer, you’ll have to download and install on your computer the WP Code Editor but for all of rebranding of the 50+ plugins you can do it entirely from C-Point’s website.

WP Dev Suite Pricing

The WP Dev Suite comes with both WP Plugin Boss and WP Master Developer.  This package opens up new possiblities for money-making opportunities.

The WP Dev Suite Refund Policy is a 100% Satisfaction, 30-day moneyback guarantee.  This is a no-questions-asked guarantee so there really is no risk to trying it out.

30 day money back guarantee

Base Packages

WP Dev Suite has 2 base packages to choose from:

WP Dev Suite – One-time price of $47

WP Dev Suite with Ongoing Upgrades – One-time price of $67.

Included WP Dev Suite Bonus Packages

WP Dev Suite Bonus packages are included with every WP Dev Suite purchase, even the $47 base package.  These bonus packages are learning courses that help you take advantage of all the features.

Learn Javascript in 2 weeks

bonus learn javascript course

With this included course, you have access to the video course to learn Javascript programming in 2 weeks.  With this, you can learn Javascript and program your own unique functionality with WP Master Developer.

Fail-Safe Plugin Outsourcing

bonus plugin outsourcing course

This is an 8-part video course in choosing your correct outsourcing talent when you get so popular you are forced to get help in programming your numerous plugins.

One-Time Offers (OTO)

There are several one-time offers when purchasing to get more software packages offered by C-Point.

WP Code Boss for $47.

bonus wp code boss

WP Code Boss is actually 2 packages: WP Plugin Maker and WP Responsive Theme

WP Plugin Maker will let you create WordPress plugins and themes from scratch without any programming.  You just load up the Wizard in your browser, and pick your blocks to build your plugin or theme.

WP Responsive Theme allows you, without coding, to build and test your plugins and themes for WordPress in multiple environments to ensure it will work for all of your buyers.

WP Drag and Drop Boss for $57.

WP Drag and Drop Boss

WP Drag and Drop Boss is an entire platform that allows you to create top-notch websites without knowing any code.

The entire interface allows you to choose website interface pieces and put them where you want them to display.

You can also create incredible landing pages with this tool in no time flat.

WP Video Ad Boss for $67.

WP video boss

WP Video Ad Boss is an advanced Youtube Audience Research tool that allows you to find the hidden gems in your target audience and advertise to them.

What Video Ad Boss is it allows you research Youtube traffic, where most other tools allow you to research Google traffic and hope the same trend applies to Youtube searches.  By getting Youtube-specific stats, you can find your target audience and capitalize on one of the biggest audience sites on the internet.

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WP Dev Suite vs Competition

Looking around I can’t say there really is any direct competition for WP Dev Suite.

There are lots of instructions for how to create your own plugins from scratch yourself.

But there is really nothing on the market that is anywhere near the level of WP Dev Suite.

So if this is the type of functionality you are looking for, you really have found the best.

How can you make WP Dev Suite work for you?

This software is so capable it really opens up a whole new world of software business opportunities for many different types of users.

Plugin Developers

Plugin creators can now create branded plugins using one of the many templates in WP Plugin Boss.  Add to that the ability to then start adding in custom functionality easy to make it uniquely theirs, and you have a really easy way to turn out winning plugins constantly.

This is a great way to break into the plugin software market.

Internet Marketers

Create simple plugins to give away as a Lead Giveaway to get people to subscribe to your email marketing list.

Affiliate Marketers

Create plugins to offer as bonuses for you other products.  This is a great way to boost your online marketing efforts.

Aspiring Plugin Code Developers

With WP Master Developer you can now very easily start to build your own coded plugins but so much easier without all of the manual labor.

WP Dev Suite Review – Final Thoughts

WordPress plugins are selling like hotcakes now-a-days.

Many people would love to cash in on the craze but it’s so difficult and labor-intensive to create these plugins by hand.  If you have to pay a programmer then it can be rather expensive as well.

WP Dev Suite enters the picture and many of these issues just melt away.

As long as you have the vision for what you want to create, WP Dev Suite and all of it’s supporting packages make it easy to fulfill your plugin dreams.

Add to that a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there really is no reason not to try this very reasonably-priced software today!

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Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you have enjoyed this WP Dev Suite review.  Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links.  That means that if you sign up using one of the links, I may be compensated for this.  The money we make helps keep this site up and running and creating high-quality reviews.

WP Dev Suite Review – Special Bonuses

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