Is Long Tail Pro Worth it? My Honest View of LTP

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The question with any keyword research tool is whether it works, and then is it worth it for the cost.  I might even say virtually anything you buy there is the same two questions.  This one I’ll answer here however.

Long Tail Pro is a very effective keyword research tool and is very worth of it’s small price.  It is far less than many competitors in price, but provides a very competitive set of functionality for the user.

However, you shouldn’t just take my word for it.  Afterall, that’s why you are reading this article.  So I’ll show you why I like Long Tail Pro and compare it in price/functionality with the others so you can decide for yourself and make an informed decision.

How Much is Long Tail Pro?

Right now Long Tail Pro (LTP) is $25/month for the silver package and $47/month for the Pro version:

Long Tail Pro pricing

I find the Starter package works well.  Generally I don’t use more than 200-300 searches in a 24-hour period so the 800 is plenty.  You can even sign up for a 7-day trial for $1 which is pretty good so you can try it for yourself.  There is an easy cancel button right on the webpage under billing so there’s no hassle at all canceling.

What Does Long Tail Pro Do?

Long Tail Pro is like many of the other keyword research tools so the main functionality you get is doing keyword searches.  It does this quite well.

The concept behind finding long tail keywords is that there is less competition and you can rank for lots of smaller keywords and get some significant traffic.  That’s the entire reason for using a tool such as this.

Long Tail Pro keyword research results

The above is the main interface.  As you can see, you can search for keywords by either entering seed keywords, or it’s possible to add in a result as a seed keyword and get more results along those lines.

PRO TIP: I personally like to find a keyword with a Keyword Competitiveness (KC) score of around 40 that has a healthy search volume and adding that into the existing seed keywords so I get longer tail version of that keyword and it usually turns up some great results.

You can also do things like keyword rank tracking and competitor analysis.  The competitors analysis is also a mainstay of many of these keyword tools since quite often you know your competition and reverse-engineering their keywords may give you a game plan for ranking on those keywords yourself.

I did completely update my Long Tail Pro review just yesterday with brand-new keyword searching and I show you every step of the way and I actually even give you some incredible free long tail keywords in addition.  Check out my review over here in the SEO section of this site.

How Does Long Tail Pro Compare to Competitors in Price and Functionality?

The main competitors to LTP are ahrefs, Keysearch, and Market Samurai.  Let’s look at those now and see how the price and functionality compare.


Ahrefs logo

Ahrefs is considered one of the top keyword tools in the market.  It does have keyword searching tools, but the strong point for paying $99+/month for Ahrefs is that it has great analysis functionality.  This is most likely a main reason for the higher cost.  It is very handy at competitor research as well as tracking organic vs paid traffic and all of that.

It’s a great tool but from a keyword research view, it is a little better but 4x the cost.


Keysearch logo is one of my favorite tools.  I do have an account still and I use it often.  Just for the top 10 stats on the sites to get the Moz data is very handy for the price.  However, it is a bit more clunky looking for long tail keywords.

I do prefer how Long Tail Pro just gives you all of the keyword difficulty numbers and in Keysearch on the basic plan you get 200 lookups a day.  So you are a bit more restricted even though it’s much cheaper and still does an amazing job at keyword research.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai logo

Market Samurai is my last choice out of all of these.  I just prefer cloud-based solutions to be honest.  I like being able to access it from any device.

Market Samurai is like Keysearch is that you can only use one seed keyword to search around.  LTP allows up to 5 which is pretty handy for drilling down in 5 minutes to find your long tail keywords.

All of these are plenty capable to be honest, and a tool is only part of what you need to do in your head with digital marketing.  I use these in addition to to find keyword to write on.

Will Keyword Research Tools Work In The Future?

Keyword research is going to be here to stay.

Think of it this way .. you are going to write some content and you’ll have to have at least something of a keyword or topic to write around.

The key here is that you need to write around keywords like they are a topic.  Don’t focus on the literal keyword.  It is just the starting point for your content.  Google is all about Semantic Searches now.  You can read more about how to write content over on my post about Is Keyword Research Dead.

Funny enough, it’s actually getting easier to create content from an author perspetive.  Google is getting better at understanding what you mean and not the old days where a keyword is used x number of times.  For people who are honestly creating great user content, it’s a great thing.

So just do your research with your copy of Long Tail Pro, look on Google at the top 10 results, and write your content.  Rinse and repeat.  Enjoy Success 🙂