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In affiliate marketing there are many things to learn and do.  All of the optimization backlinks are predicated on one thing: proper keyword research.  Choose the wrong keyword and you’ll never make it fly no matter what you do. Pick the right one and you’re moving along the right path.  So today’s Long Tail Pro review is on just this subject.

What You’ll Find In My Long Tail Pro Review

What is Long Tail Pro?

NameLong Tail Pro
Software TypeKeyword Research
Price7-Day Trial of any plan: $1

Long Tail Pro – Starter Plan: $37/month

Long Tail Pro – Pro Plan: $67/month

Long Tail Pro Annual Plan: $297/year

Refund Policy10-Day Money Back Guarantee

Refund at any time for pro-rated refund

BonusFree Access to Long Tail University with any link on this page ($197 value)
Conclusion Highly Recommended

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What are the best features of Long Tail Pro?


long tail pro review multi device capableIt works on both Windows, Mac, and Linux

This tool runs on the Adobe platform which means that it can run on either Windows, Mac, or Linux.  That’s one distinct advantage.  That is also the same disadvantage in that you might not be able to run it on either your tablets or phone.  There are some alternatives like Keysearch ( https://www.keysearch.co )  that are web-based and can used anywhere.  There are alternatives and to be honest they are all extremely capable and it’s unlikely you’ll notice the difference between them.  That being said, Long Tail Pro is solidly in my top 3.

long tail pro review priceBoth a monthly and yearly plan

Long Tail Pro has 3 different options.  For any of these you can have a 7-Day Trial for $1 to try before you buy.  There is the Starter monthly plan for $37/month, the Pro monthly plan for $67, and the annual plan for $297/year.  The difference between the monthly plans is the amount of keywords you can search for so I suggest if you’re new to this and don’t have any huge plans yet, try the 7-day trial for $1 on the Start monthly plan and try it before you commit more money.  You get to try for 3 months for under $100 and by then I’m sure you’ll know where you stand on it.

long tail pro works to grow the siteYou need to rank for something to see growth

Long Tail Pro is one of the usual tools in the affiliate marketers tool belt.  If you’re serious or plan to get serious, you need this. Or I should say at least a keyword research tool.  You could really use Google’s Keyword Planner but it takes a larger chunk of your time and you’d have to do all of this research and checking for each item.  Time is money.  What you are ideally looking to do is find a keyword that is searched for but not much competition so you can take the top place and nab it for yourself.  Ranking #40 for a high-volume search will net you pretty much zero traffic.  Ranking #1 for a search that gets 1000 searches/month will get you around 400 per month.  400 > 0. So the basic premise is to find untapped traffic so you get traffic which is the reason why you’re building webpages after all, right?

A Look Inside Long Tail Pro

This is the question of the day.  All the tools in the world don’t help unless you know how to use them, and even more so, how to use them to make profit. Because that’s the reason you’re here reading this.

Let’s start first with this little video that Long Tail Pro put together. It’s just a high-level of WHY you need a keyword research tool:

It’s simple but gets the point across very nicely of why you need a keyword research tool.

Here is a video tutorial that Long Tail Pro put out.  I think the video does a lot more justice than I can do it words but I will try afterwards.

So as you can see, Long Tail Pro is great for finding low-competition keywords.  You just put in your seed keyword (the interface has since updated a little but the concept is the same), and you want to concentrate on the volume and keyword competition.  Generally anything under 20 or 25 is somewhat easy to rank for, and the more your site grows the better you’ll rank.

Once you find the keyword you are going for, the next thing is to check your organic Google competition.  What you’re checking is the strength of your competition.  You already have an idea from the keyword competition but specifically the trust flow (TF), backlinks, etc, are all a part of what you’ll need to match in order to take the lead.

This is a lot of work. Don’t kid yourself that it isn’t. However, if you want to be one of the success stories then you need to put in the work and crunch the numbers.  Google is a math equation, just a very very complex one.

Stick below 30 and with a little work you can get traffic from a keyword.

How can you make Long Tail Pro work for you?

 People looking for new niche ideas for websites

Anyone looking for new high-volume low-competition keywords

People that know that time is money and where a few bucks can say you hours and hours of work.

Affiliate marketers that are looking for new products to build content around

Anyone working on SEO. You have to know what keywords get you the biggest bang for your buck


Long Tail Pro membership features

You get all of these great tools as part of Long Tail Pro.  Your choice of plan largely determines how many monthly searches you get.

  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competition Analysis
  • A Keyword Profitability Tool with ranking
  • Custom Keyword Difficulty recommendations for your domain
  • FREE access to the brand new Rank Tracker
  • FREE access to Long Tail University (a $197 value and something I highly suggest to get the most out of your purchase)
  • In-App Support. So you can ask questions and get answers far easier than emailing or the like, especially when you’re in the middle of an issue.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

There are 3 plans for you to consider with Long Tail Pro:

LTP Starter Plan – $37/month

The start plan gives you 10,000 keyword searches per month. You get all of the tools for keyword competitiveness and profitability mentioned above.

LTP Pro Plan – $67/month

The pro plan gives you 25,000 keyword searches per month. You get all of the tools for keyword competitiveness and profitability mentioned above.

LTP Annual Plan – $297/year

The annual plan works out to $24.75/month and it comes with 10,000 monthly searches.  It saves a bit off of the start plan’s cost but please note that the annual plan DOES NOT come with the Long Tail University as part of it which I highly suggest to get the most out of Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Summary

As you can see and no doubt are aware, Long Tail Pro makes it easy to find high-volume low-competition keywords and saves you a lot of time.  If you’re in this for profit, then this is a cornerstone of the work you are doing and the absolute most important step.

It’s easy to use and there are even dozens of tutorials on youtube that give you every way to squeeze the most use out of this tool.  You’ll notice quickly that this tool is an absolutely necessary part of doing affiliate marketing online.

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