Curation Lab Review – Real Review + Custom Bonuses

Curation Lab Review – Introduction

Welcome to my Curation Lab review.

Do you find yourself sitting down to create content at least once a day and wish you had a bit more free time?

We all know creating content is a sure way to success but it takes a quite a bit of time out of your day.  But you need to have consistent content to keep your visitors coming back.  What are you to do?

Well, there is a new product out called Curation Lab which is a tool to help what you are already going manually.  You can very easily curate viral content that your blog readers will love.  You get a traffic spike for 2 minutes of work and your lead count shows it.

Curation Lab

Curation Lab Review

Released: August 15, 2019

Product Rating: 9.9/10


Curation Lab is an app that helps you discover high quality viral content that you can publish and instantly boost your traffic and engagement from visitors.

You get fresh trending content to your visitors daily and keep them coming back hungry for more.  THAT is what everyone content marketing is looking for.

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Here is what I’m going to cover in this Curation Lab Review:

Curation Lab Review – A Quick Overview

CreatorNeil Napier and Yves Kouyo
ProductCuration Lab
Launch Date2019-August-15
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$37
Home Pagehttps://Curation
Refund Policy30 day Moneyback Guarantee


Curation Lab Review – What is Curation Lab

Curation Lab is an app that helps you discover high quality viral content that you can publish and instantly boost your traffic and engagement from visitors.

You get fresh trending content to your visitors daily and keep them coming back hungry for more.  THAT is what everyone content marketing is looking for.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room here.  Curation Lab is not blackhat in any way.  It is not trying to fool Google or anything like that.  Curation Lab lets you curate trending content 100% legally and ethically.

Curation Lab Review – Creators

If you want to know the pedigree of software, all you need to do is look at the creators and their track record.

Neil Napier
Neil Napier
Yves Kouyo
Yves Kouyo

Neil Napier and Yves Kouyo are the brains behind Curation Lab and bringing this amazing software to life.

Neil Napier is no stranger to the marketing industry and has had hits such as Content Gorilla, Kyvio, and Email Ramp along with a half dozen other software platforms.  All of them have been big hits and still very well-received in the industry.  When you use Curation Lab you’ll see what a premier polished piece of software truly acts and performs.

Curation Lab Review – Curation Lab Features

Curation Lab has a lot of features but the strongest is going obviously be it’s ability to help you hand-pick viral content and post it now or schedule it for later.  But let’s look at the list of features to get things going.

Tap Into Unlimited Content

You can search in seconds across content from all of the top sites to find the right content for your blog.

Constant Monitoring

Curation Lab is always monitoring the top sites for new stories.  Add your own sites you want to monitor and it’ll watch those too.

Google is a fan of fresh results and you’ll be able to deliver in record time.

Instant Results

Curation Lab crawls all of the sites constantly while updating its results so when you go to search, you are seeing fully up-to-date stories along with their social shares.

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Right in the dashboard you can bring up analytics showing what devices your visitors are using and where they are located.

Customizable Niche Content

When you are ready to post, the press of a button and the system has your blog entry ready to go pre-filled-out and you have the option of tweaking the content at that point to what you’d like.

Save Precious Time with Auto-Post & Scheduling

This is one of the strongest features without a doubt.  Not only can you post right at that moment to your blog, but you can also schedule it for later.

The beauty of this is that you can take a couple of hours and set it up so that it will post to your blog once or twice a day over the next week.  That is a serious time saver!

Free Stock Photo Integration

Photos and pictures have always been known to increase engagement and conversion rates.  Take advantage of that with the included stock photo integration so right in the dashboard you can add another photo in seconds.

Curate Content Like A Pro

Those blogs that seem to always have new content showing up and getting all of that traffic … this is the type of tool they use.  You only have so much time during the day so if you want to be like a pro, then you need a tool that gets you results and saves you time.

Long Term SEO Benefits

Kind of a no-brainer but when you’re constantly posting new content and you’re on the cutting edge, Google sees you as an authority and a go-to site so this software can easily give your blog a long-term advantage.

Make Blog Posts

Not only can you curate existing content, but you can also make a blog post to your blog right from inside this software.  The real advantage is when you use the scheduling system so you can really put your new blog entries in fully with this system.

Super Easy To Use

As you’d expect from a professional marketer, this software is really simple to use and rather intuitive.  The interface is simple as it should be, and you’ll see that in the next section looking inside Curation lab.

Be Stress-Free

Everything is built into one convenient service. Mobile-friendly layout, fast & secure cloud servers, top-notch support, and extensive knowledge base.  You can focus on the results instead of the tool.

Laser Focused Curation

When you search for content in Curation Lab, you get the most viral and trending content to publish.  Stop wasting time looking yourself.

Amazing Support

Not only the usual support as you’d expected, but the guys at Curation Lab also help to guide all of their customers with best practices.

Customized Feeds

In addition to the feeds on the internet the software listens to, you can also add in your own feeds to pull from.  With the base system, you can add up to 500 content feeds.

A Look Inside Curation Lab

I used this product as a beta tester and I’m going to give you an honest review of Curation lab.

This is the main dashboard of Curation lab:

Curation Lab Main Dashboard

Discovering and Posting a New Post

Let’s actually use this software for it’s main feature: discovering content and posting it to your blog

  1.  Hitting the Discover menu item on the left, you’re presented with the general topics.  For simplicity, I’ll just work from this main screen.

Discover new content

As you can see, you see the trending content as well as how many times it appears on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

2.  Let’s choose the Kangaroos in the snow story.

To post it to our blog, all we have to do is hit the little green Post button to start the process.

As you can see, you now have a post content form with everything all filled out.  The content of the news you chose is populated for you.

Post Step 1

3.  Let’s go ahead and go to the next step, which is choosing which blog to send it to.

It’s very simple.  You just choose which website you want to send it to in the drop-down and whether you want to post it to the social account.

Post Step 2


4.    The last step is when to post it.

You have the option of posting it right now ( Instant) or later in the Schedule Time section before you set it to post.

The ability to schedule it for a later post time is extremely powerful.  You can actually schedule all of your posts at one time and save yourself quite a bit of time.

Post Step 3

As you can see, it’s really simple to post one of the topics you find to your blog:

3 Simple Steps

Website Analytics and Traffic Report

I found this such a great feature because you actually look at your basic analytics right from within this tool saving you even more time.  To get this level of detailed analytics as part of the package make a good deal even better.

Website Analytics and Traffic Report

Curation Lab Review Demo

Curation Lab Pricing

Note that in addition to all that you get with Curation Lab, I have added on my bonus pack as well (details at the end of the review).

Curation Lab : $37

This is the main front-end that has the features listed above.

OTO1: Curation Lab Pro : $27 per month or $97 pear year ($87 during launch if you act fast )

Curation Lab ProCuration Lab Pro Features

  • Auto-Post & Scheduling
  • Private Content Feeds
  • Built-in Graphic Designer
  • One-Click Optins
  • Content Spinner
  • 10-Member Team License
  • 1000 Public Feeds
  • Main Offer Renews Automatically

OTO2: Curation Lab Takeover : $67 per year ($47 during launch if you act fast)

Curation Lab TakeoverCuration Lab Takeover Features:

  • Fully Automated
  • Pick a keyword, the system does the rest
  • Hosted by Curation Lab in the cloud
  • SEO done for you
  • Truly hands-free

This is a very interesting offer in that you’re really purchasing a ready-to-launch blog.  All you do is pick the keyword and it really does it all and all you have to do is choose how to use it.

OTO3: Course Curator : $47 ($27 during launch if you act fast)

Course CuratorCourse Curator Features

  • Copy-Paste Their Content Curation Blueprint That Has Helped Them Generate Over $5,000 In Info-Product Sales In a Brand New Market!
  • Use the power of CONTENT CURATION to make money
  • Share freely (but commercially usable) knowledge already available, AND partner up with thought leaders to sell courses and training that makes money!

Course Curator 3 Steps


Curation Lab vs Competition

Curation Lab is not an entirely new concept.  That is actually good because it’s been proven to work.

BuzzSumo and Content Studio are very similar to what Curation Lab is doing to I consider them very comparable.

BuzzSumo starts at $79 PER MONTH if you pay ahead by the year.  That is the cheapest it gets.  I would say $39 for the entire year for Curation Lab is far far cheaper.

Content Studio starts at $49 per month.  Again, Curation Lab comes in so much cheaper now it’s affordable to curate your own content easily.

Remember, work smarter, not harder.

Curation Lab Review – Who Should Use It?

Looking at Curation Lab, it would be hard to find anybody online that wouldn’t have a great use for it.

But these are the people online that I would expect would find high usage with the software.

  • Bloggers
  • Product Owners
  • Online Business Owners
  • Brick and Mortar Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers

Curation Lab Review – Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my Curation Lab review.

Curation Lab is a new app that helps you to discover the latest viral and trending content and publish it your blog with very little effort.  And it sure does it very well.

It takes maybe 2 minutes or less to setup and post new content on your blog using Curation Lab.  What’s really powerful is taking an hour and setting up 20 posts for the week using the scheduler.  2-3 posts per day, and it can really give your traffic a healthy boost with what is actually little effort on your part.

Like they always say, work smarter, not harder.  And this tool allows you to work much smarter.

Add to that a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there really is no reason not to try this very reasonably-priced software today!

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Curation Lab Review – Special Bonuses

You have the opportunity to get these special bonuses FOR FREE if you purchase through my site.

There are 2 simple steps to receive your bonuses with your purchase.

Step 1: Order Curation Lab by clicking here.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send me the receipt id in an email to [email protected].  I will send out all of the bonuses below (and likely more) to you within 24 hours.

Bonus #1: Instagram Marketing Secrets
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Bonus #6: How To Build Your Brand With INSTAGRAM Images
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Bonus #7: Instagram Monetization Checklist
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Bonus #8: Social Media Marketing BOOST
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MEGA Bonus #9: ULTIMATE Sales Page Graphics Pack
ECoverFX Mega PackThis is without a doubt the largest graphics pack. There are over 2,300 graphics ready to use in this bundle!There are:

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