ProfitEagle Review – How To Make Crazy Money With It

ProfitEagle Review – Introduction

Over 95% of the people quit their online business even before making their 1st dime.
Why? Because there are too many moving parts… 
  • Regular MONTHLY payment on tools
  • Technical Skills
  • Copywriting Skills
  • NO money to buy traffic
  • It’s just TOO HARD nowadays
ProfitEagle Wanted To Build A System That Will SKIP All The Hard Work And Simplify Their Online Business Just Few Clicks…

ProfitEagle Review

Released: July 19, 2019

Product Rating: 9.8/10


ProfitEagle is a budget email marketing and sales funnel system that lets you email up to 10,000 subscribers for a one-time price well under $50.
This is a steal for what you get and if you’re on the new side you get to get into the game for a very low cost.

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Here is what I’m going to cover in this ProfitEagle Review:

ProfitEagle Review – A Quick Overview About Profit Eagle

CreatorTom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, and Sameer Joshi
Launch Date2019-July-19
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Front-End Price$27-37
Bonuses?YES, see them here.
Home Page
Refund Policy30 day Moneyback Guarantee

What is ProfitEagle?

Profit Eagle is a REVOLUTIONARY Software Creates Super Affiliate Funnels With Pages, Hosting, Builds Lists & Emails Them Without Monthly Fees. Gets Unique Converting Offers, Plus 1 Click Traffic Generation And More INSIDE 1-Dashboard

Simplify Business

  • They Automated Everything And Removed ALL Of The Hard Work.
  • No Domain, No Hosting, No Product, No Autoresponder, No Skills, No Experience Needed To Get Started
  • 0 Startup Costs – See Results As Soon As 24 Hours
  • Already Proven With Tons Of Real Results
  • In-Built Traffic Generation
  • Build A Long-Term, Sustainable Business Just Like They Did With Profit Eagle

It is 100% fully cloud based software that makes it easy to create sales funnels and email subscribers, and it does it for a one-time price. NO MONTHLY FEES!

The software can create lead capture forms to help you build up your email lists, and it includes starter software to give away to entice new subscribers.

Beta Test Profits

How can you make ProfitEagle work for you?

When I look at a new piece of software for sale, I always ask myself how can I use this software to make money.  Luckily, it’s not hard to imagine with this software.

Here are the steps I would use to profit from using this software:

  1. Sign up for a free account with  You get over 200 free PLR pieces (software, eBooks, graphics, etc) with the totally free account and it’s unique and distinct from the existing software that everyone else will be using as lead capture giveaways.
  2. Within your Lead Generation menu, select your item you uploaded and setup your Personalized Landing page.  You’re going to collect emails on this page in return for visitors subscribing to your email list.
  3. Using the Social Sharing option right from the product in the Lead Generation section and post it to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  4. As your email list grows, email them (and put in time, make this high quality) about new products in your niche.
  5. Remember to email quality articles and link to your website so you are constantly providing quality content to your list.

Email lists are among the most profitable ways to cash in online.  As your list gets bigger, it’ll make even more.

The key is to not spam and to put in a real effort.  Write well about your recommended products and why you are recommending.  Write other informational articles so you providing value to your membership and they look forward to hearing what you have to say.

ProfitEagle Review – Creators

Profit Eagle was created by Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah, and Sameer Joshi.

Tom and Gaurab have had a number of hits, recently building PointRank together.  PointRank is a great YouTube tool and you can read the review here if you’d like.

When you see this team, you’re know you’re getting a tool that is very effective and reasonably priced.

Tom Yevsikov
Tom YevsikovJV Manager and 7-Figure Copywriter
Gaurab Borah
Gaurab BorahLaunchManager
Sameer Joshi
Sameer Joshi

Product Creator

What are the best features of ProfitEagle

No Monthly Fees

The main thing that makes this software so great is that it provides you monthly functionality but with no monthly fees.  Just a one-time payment of $27 and you’re up and going for months and years.  And they host it so no monthly hosting fees either.

1 Dashboard For Everything

One Dashboard

You have just one webpage you need to go to, and from the menus.  As you can see, you can work with things like lead generation and emails right from the main menu.

Instant Super Affiliate Funnels That PROFIT Like Crazy From Day #1

Profitable Sales Funnels

As part of your purchase, you get proven sales funnels.  Some of these are off the lead generation form like below.  In this example, they subscribe to get a free gift, and they get to see the affiliate links into other products such as those on Clickbank in which you get a kickback.

So it’s easy to get subscribers onto your email list for future affiliate emails as well as current links.  It’s a double win!

Traffic & Lists Generated For FREE – NO EFFORT NO RISK

The system auto-generates squeeze pages and more so you can present your custom-made landing pages to pull in new subscribers like crazy.  Remember, the money is in the list!

0 Startup Costs Or Skills, Generate Income Immediately

You get to set everything up on a webpage which walks you through everything to be up and running in under 15 minutes.

ProfitEagle does all of the work for you under the hood without you needing to know how to setup lead generation forms, sales funnels, emails, and more.

​Long Term, Passive Income That Continues 24/7/365

The great thing about affiliate links is that you get credit for your recommendations so that they are constantly out there working for you all of the time.

With this system, sending emails out to your subscribers with the affiliate links and info embedded is so easy it takes just seconds to email your subscribers.  I can’t emphasize how valuable an email list is.  Chances are if you are looking at this email marketing system you already know.

Traffic “Built In”

ProfitEagle has functionality to share your Lead Magnets out to social accounts to generate traffic with the press of one button.

Social Sharing Traffic

Done For You List Building

Profit Eagle has put together a whole section to help your list building efforts.  You get pre-made lead magnets, landing pages, and thank you pages that have been proven to work.

10 Very Valuable, DFY Lead Magnets That Users Can Use To Instantly Start Building A List

Included Lead Magnets

  • Includes a mix of software & eBooks
  • ​Users can also use the Lead Magnets for their own personal use

Lead Magnets are necessary to entice people to subscribe to your email list.  You get permission to email them, and they get a free gift or two.

The included Lead Magnets are a mix of software and eBooks, and you can also upload your own Lead Magnets to offer.

My suggestion is to add PLR software in for your leads so you have different offerings than the standard.  Over at IDplr, you can signup for FREE to get 200+ PLR ebooks and such that you can then offer.

10 Corresponding And Awesome DFY Landing Pages In Various Formats That The Users To Go With The Lead Magnets. The Landing Pages Have

Included Landing Pages

Landing Page Example

  • Catchy headlines that instantly get their prospects interested
  • ​Image of the Lead Magnet (eCover)
  • ​Optin Box – Single Step Optin / 2-Step Optin Available
  • Google Analytics tracking possibility, so users can track not just in our software but also independently in GA, how their Landing Pages are doing

For each of the included Lead Magnets, you get pre-made landing pages that are proven to convert.  Some may even have multiple landing page templates to work from.

10 Corresponding And Slick DFY Thank You Pages For The Lead Magnets. These Have

Thank You Pages

  • Download link to get the Lead Magnet
  • “This also might interest you” section below, which are Offer buttons with the user’s own affiliate links to ClickBank offers they have chosen and set up

For the included lead capture packages, you also get the Thank You pages.  These not only look great, but they allow you to easily put other affiliate links in front of the new subscriber at the time when they are also collecting their free gift to subscribe.

In-Built Traffic

1-Click Social Media Sharing Feature Free Traffic

Social Sharing Buttons

Share Lead Magnet Pages To 3 Social Media Platforms For Instant Traffic To Start Building A List: Facebook, Twitter, Email

This one is going to get you a pile of social traffic and is one of the great hidden gems of this software.

Our Paid Traffic Secrets That Generated 40,000 Leads

The exact traffic source and paid traffic method we used to generate over 40,000 leads for our business.

Done For You Monetization

10 Top-Converting, Very Valuable Products To Promote On Autopilot

Top Converting Products

  • Comes complete with 30 money-making emails from Gaurab’s and Tom’s OWN campaigns and have been them thousands of $$$! So, it’s PROVEN
  • Emails can be downloaded as html files and can be used elsewhere

Set & Forget – Put Your Affiliate Promotion On Complete Automation

Emails Example

Once set up, ProfitEagle automatically, creates, formats the email auto-sends in the user’s name and by automatically placing the buyer’s AFFILIATE LINK in the right place in the email

So ProfitEagle will take the list of subscribers and your offer and automatically create the emails and send them out like form letters.

The power of this is amazing though.  Let’s say you blast out a great writeup for a new product that you like to 3000 subscribers and it has a 2% conversion and it’s $25 per sale.  That’s a quick $1500.  And you just had to hit the go button.

Then look at the price.  $27 right now to get into this software one-time cost.  It’s a no-brainer.  It only takes a sale or two and this software already paid for itself.

Guaranteed Approval To Promote Offers And Start Making Money Instantly

Approved AutomaticallyUsers will get a secret code to get approval practically instantly by vendors (this is a hot one for newbies, but NOTE: that ProfitEagle can do this ONLY if they are using their own products and are responsible for approvals themselves).

Affiliate Approval Status Screen


 Up to 10,000 Subscribers Can Be Stored (At No Extra Or Recurring Cost)

  • No need to buy any expensive Auto-responder, use their in-built Auto-responder to get started right away
  • No complicated setup.

This is really great because if you look at other options, you get a good deal here.

MailChimp will give you up to 1000 subscribers free but then the cost goes up rather quickly PER MONTH.

GetResponse is even more expensive.

Now those are both great systems and GetResponse has some really great auto-emailing logic for the funnel, but here we are talking 10,000 subscribers after a ONE-TIME cost.  That’s practically unheard of.

Upload Existing Subscribers

Leads Entry Screen

  • Already have a list of subscribers, Upload Through The CSV Upload Interface
  • You have full control over your subscribers

This is really handy because now you can bring over your subscribers to this system.  If you’re using a free version of those, this is a great way to get a better system before you have to invest major money.

Send Unlimited Number of Emails

Email Integration

  • Unlimited Emails Can Be Sent To 10,000 Subscribers
  • (At NO recurring costs using own SMTP1)

Integration With Leading Autoresponders

ProfitEagle Third Party Integration - AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp

  • Additionally, also integrate with leading email Autoresponders – Aweber, Getresponse & Mailchimp
  • Easy Import/Export

If you don’t want to bring your subscribers over, you can instead leave the emailing side as is and ProfitEagle integrates into that system.  ProfitEagle creates the emails but your existing emailing system will send out the emails.

This is a great option if you already have an email marketing system in place but you want to add another Lead Capture methodology to it.

List-Hygiene Technology

  • Keeps lists free of duplicates, removes bounced or bogus email addresses, or ones with typos or errors.
  • ProfitEagle makes sure users credibility is safe – Email Service Providers love this!

This is really more necessary for ProfitEagle than users, but cleaning the lists means that ProfitEagle won’t get flagged as spam which would make sending emails difficult.

It does also make it easier for you so you’re not wasting time on useless email addresses.

Training& Support

Step By Step Training

  • ProfitEagle has detailed, crisp and clear step-by-step training to get acquainted and started with the product.
  • You won’t ever feel confused what to do once you’re in.

This is really important because once you watch the training videos the software is really easy to use.  Once you get done reading my review, chances are you won’t even need the training but it’s there if you do.

World-Class Support

  • Quick and helpful support so no one will feel left behind
  • Get in touch with them through email or their support desk, unlike others they get back to all their customers and help them.

When you have an issue you need someone on the horn pronto.  If not, you do start to feel like you made a bad choice.  Luckily they are good to get back to people.

I myself did not have to use support to vouch for this but knowing all of the products that Tom and Gaurab have been involved in, they know support is key.  So they setup a company supporting it and you know you’re covered.

A Look Inside ProfitEagle

Getting into and setting up the software for use is well under an hour.  It really is pretty simple.  As it should be.

So let’s look at a normal usage scenario for the software.

3 Steps To Use

Step #1 – Select

Step 1

Select a high-quality product to giveaway from the library of DONE FOR YOU information & software products from different niches.

You can also grab PLR ones you got from IDplr for free.

Step #2 – Setup

Step 2

With just few clicks, generate your self-hosted, opt-in & thank you pages, select affiliate offers you want to promote, generate ready-to-go email swipes, set up their in-built Autoresponder that send emails every single day for you and make affiliate commissions.

You can also integrate your list to Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp.

STEP#3 – Enjoy Free Traffic & Passive Commissions

Step 3

Use their in-built traffic system to start generating Free traffic from various social media sites. 

Build huge email lists, promote affiliate offers and enjoy automated commissions all with few clicks.

ProfitEagle Demo

Take a look at this ProfitEagle demo video for anything else I might have missed in the software.

ProfitEagle Pricing

You also get a bunch of bonuses from me on your purchase.  Check the Special Bonus section for more info below.

ProfitEagle Lite – $27

  • 10 very valuable, DFY Lead Magnets (mix of software & eBooks) that users can use to instantly start building a list.
  • 10 corresponding and awesome DFY Opt-in & Thank You Page
  • 10 top-converting, very valuable products to promote on autopilot with GUARANTEED Approval.
  • 30 Proven email campaigns to Promote all affiliate offers.
  • Store 10,000 Subscribers & Mails at NO MONTHLY COST – Also Integration with leading autoresponders (if already using). Easy import/export
  • Detailed and step-by-step training.
  • ​1-Click Social media sharing to 20+ sites for instant traffic to start building a list

ProfitEagle Elite – $37

This is the ProfitEagle Lite above, but with these added ProfitEagle Bonuses and an extra license:

FAST ACTION BONUSES For The Fast Action Takers If You Get ProfitEagle Within The Launch Period…

Fast Action Bonus #1



On A LIVE Call, They Will Take You Through A Special Training Where They Show You How They Get Evergreen Free Traffic With Ease, And Make Over 100k A Year From Affiliate Marketing, CPA Offers, ECom, Display Ads And More…

Fast Action Bonus #2

How I Build A 34,092 Buyers List

How I Build A 34,092 Buyers List, 10X More Profitable, 10X Cheaper Than Any Other Traffic Source… With NO Product, NO JV Connections, NO Skills, NO Big Budget And How You Can Do The Same!

Fast Action Bonus #3

5X Your Profits

Uncover the secrets to dramatically increasing your affiliate marketing income. Discover the secrets to creating lading pages that convert like crazy. Learn how to add value to your affiliate promotions in order to increase your conversions.

You also get:

  • A Commercial License so you can Build Lists & Run Clients Affiliate Campaigns Using ProfitEagle

There are a ton of ProfitEagle OTO (one time offer) packages that you can choose from.  These are special offers that you can pick up while purchasing to get an even better deal.

OTO1 – ProfitEagle PRO – $47

Supercharge your purchase with these additions:

  • 30 Super Affiliate Funnels
  • 30 very valuable, DFY Lead Magnets (mix of software & eBooks) that users can use to instantly start building a list.
  • 30 corresponding and awesome DFY Opt-in & Thank You Page
  • 30 top-converting, very valuable products to promote on autopilot with GUARANTEED Approval.
  • 90 Proven email campaigns to Promote all affiliate offers.
  • UNLIMITED Subscribers & Mails at NO MONTHLY COST – Also Integration with leading autoresponders (if already using). Easy import/export

OTO2 – ProfitEagle Monthly Membership – $37 per month

Subscribe and get 5 Latest Super Affiliate Funnels Every Month for next 1 year so you never run out of the latest trends.

OTO3 – ProfitEagle Yearly Membership – $127 per year

Pre-purchase for the next year for huge savings

OTO4 – ProfitEagle No Brainer Traffic – $197

ProfitEagle’s best kept traffic secrets and strategies. They will show the exact methods they used to generate 10s of 1000s of leads and $100,000s in affiliate commissions in theirbusiness.

OTO5 – ProfitEagle Unlimited Reseller & Coaching – $197

Reseller Rights License so you can sell it to other online and offline marketers and make a bank.

Comes with their sales material and Reseller Panel to add/remove users on your own. Plus, get special coaching to help you kickstart your online business and start profiting with ProfitEagle ASAP.

My Value-Added Bonuses

Remember to check below the review for bonuses that I add to the mix of all of the included software and bonuses by ProfitEagle.

ProfitEagle vs Competition

So the question you may all be thinking of is how does ProfitEagle compare to the competition.  Let’s compare it to GetResponse and MailChimp to see how it measures up.


I set GetResponse to a list size of 10,100 (try as I might I couldn’t get the slider to stop at 10,000) to match the subscriber list size of ProfitEagle.

GetResponse starts at $145 per month so price-wise they’re completely different.

To be fair, GetResponse is very well polished and I do in fact recommend it if it fits your budget.  If not, the one-time cost of $27 for ProfitEagle to match a lot of the functionality from GetResponse may fit your budget right now.

GetResponse has a really impressive email scheduling system and once you get subscribers into the funnel it does an amazing job.  From when to email if the original was never opened, to multi-days of info followed up by a sales pitch.

So unless you want to pay the GetResponse price, then this deal for the price simply can’t be beat.

The nice thing is it’s easy to export your subscribers to pull into GetResponse later when you’re ready for it.

Comparison to GetResponse


MailChimp is a cheap alternative but not nearly in the price range as this product.

The Free account can handle up to 1,000 subscribers.  At the

MailChimp Price Comparison

Putting in 10,000 subscribers for the list size for the Essentials plan, here are the results:

$74.99 per month for MailChimp.  So compared to the $27 one-time cost there’s still no comparison.

So more or less if you’re not comfortable with the higher costs, then right there I can tell that ProfitEagle is the right product for you.  The price is just unbeatable.


ProfitEagle Review – Final Thoughts

So as you can see from this review ProfitEagle is a very capable product and one of the biggest selling points is that you get a lot of functionality on their platform for a one-time cost of $27.

$27.  Most people spend more money than that on coffee in a week.  $27 which on two affiliate commissions will easily cover the cost.

If it saves you time or it does all of the emailing for you and makes you more than that, then it’s a great deal.  Actually a no-brainer really.

So let’s look at the top 5 reasons why it’s a smart move.

  1. Anyone can do it and get amazing results
  2. Once people are on your email list, you get to market to them over and over.  I can’t stress enough how important email lists are and how profitable they are.
  3. No continuing costs for the basic purchase.  They host the system, so that’s included.  They host the landing / squeeze pages.  This is actually such a good deal it’s hard to believe they’re offering it for this price.
  4. No technical skills needed.  Plenty of training and support.  This thing really is this easy to use.  It’s just a webpage.
  5. No limit to possible earnings.  Being that they host all of it, then all you have to do is find your groove that works and rinse and repeat.  10x the traffic, it’s still included for you.

Add to that a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there really is no reason not to try this very reasonably-priced software today!  Act fast and get your ProfitEagle Bonuses today.

Buy Now

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you have enjoyed this ProfitEagle review.  Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links.  That means that if you sign up using one of the links, I may be compensated for this.  The money we make helps keep this site up and running and creating high-quality reviews.


ProfitEagle Review – Special Bonuses

You have the opportunity to get these special bonuses FOR FREE if you purchase through my site.

There are 2 simple steps to receive your bonuses with your purchase.

Step 1: Order ProfitEagle by clicking here.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send me the receipt id in an email to [email protected].  I will send out all of the bonuses below (and possibly more) to you within 24 hours.

Bonus #1: Instagram Marketing Secrets
Instagram Marketing Secrets

Instagram Marketing Secrets Description



Bonus #2: YouTube Authority
YouTube Authority

YouTube Authority Description
Description 2

Description 3

Description 4


Bonus #3: YouTube Authority Video Upgrade
YouTube Authority Video Upgrade

YouTube Authority Video Upgrade Description


Bonus #4: WP Email Countdown Plugin
WP Email Countdown Plugin

WP Email Countdown Plugin Description


Bonus #5: WP Notification Bar
WP Notification Bar


Bonus #6: How To Build Your Brand With INSTAGRAM Images
How To Build Your Brand With Instagram


Bonus #7: Instagram Monetization Checklist
Instagram Monetization Checklist


Bonus #8: Social Media Marketing BOOST
Social Media Marketing Boost


MEGA Bonus #9: ULTIMATE Sales Page Graphics Pack
ECoverFX Mega PackThis is without a doubt the largest graphics pack. There are over 2,300 graphics ready to use in this bundle!There are:

  • Arrows
  • Awards
  • Books
  • Bullets
  • Buttons
  • Cameras
  • Certificates
  • Checks
  • Credit card logos
  • Desktops
  • Discs
  • Documents
  • Devices
  • Folders
  • Gnome
  • Icons
  • Laptops
  • Logos
  • Ribbons
  • Sales promo images
  • Search glass images
  • Smileys
  • Stars
  • Currency pictures

Bundle 1Bundle 2Bundle 3Bundle 4Bundle 5Bundle 6Bundle 7Bundle 8Bundle 9Bundle 10Bundle 11Bundle 12Bundle 13Bundle 14Bundle 15Bundle 16Bundle 17Bundle 18Bundle 19Bundle 20Bundle 21Bundle 22Bundle 23Bundle 24Bundle 25Bundle 26Bundle 27Bundle 28Bundle 29Bundle 30Bundle 31Bundle 32Bundle 33Bundle 34Bundle 35Bundle 36Bundle 37Bundle 38Bundle 39Bundle 40Bundle 41Bundle 42