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WP Dev Suite




Ease of Use









  • Very fast to create plugins
  • No coding necessary
  • No hiring coders
  • Low cost


  • Rebranded plugins will be many similar plugins
  • Less Options Than Custom Coding


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Welcome to my WP Dev Suite review  Today in this age of the internet, there are an amazing amount of opportunities online to make money.  There are nearly unlimited possibilities but your time is limited.

Look at the facts:

  • WordPress is installed on 74.6 million websites
  • 2.08 billion plugins were downloaded for WordPress in 2017
  • In 2017, WordPress users spent $18.6 million on plugins from CodeCanyon

So how do you get into this market opportunity?

That’s where WP Dev Suite comes in.  You can build it yourself and sell it yourself with this tool! And you’ll be amazed how fast you can build the plugins and crank them out.

So what you need to bring to this are ideas and sleeves that are rolled up.  Read on in my WP Dev Suite review to see how to make this all work.

What You’ll Find In My WP Dev Suite Review

WP Dev Suite Review – Overview

NameWP Dev Suite
Website https://wpdevsuite.com
 Software TypeWordPress Plugin Developer
 ConclusionHighly Recommended


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Why You Need WP Dev Suite Review

wp dev suite review - two great tools in oneYou get two great tools in one

You get WP Plugin Boss and WP Master Developer in this one package.  These are discussed below.

You get into the market instantly with new plugins

With WP Plugin Boss, you get started with 50+ plugins that you can customize in no time flat and get them out for sale.  These are already coded and ready to go.  You just need to add your own touch

You can develop new functionality without being a coder

With WP Master Developer you can take things to the next level.  You can add functionality to the existing plugins or create your own unique plugins with no coding necessary.

wp dev suite review - no expensive courses or codersNo expensive courses

You don’t need to take any expensive courses and that steep learning curve.  With WP Dev Suite you get to just jump right in and build plugins using the simple tools.  You are getting paid to learn!

No hiring expensive coders

Because you are doing it yourself, you don’t need to hire out.  You only have to invest your time which is huge since you get to limit your investment this way and you are building exactly what you see in your vision.

wp dev suite review - create plugins yourself quicklyYou can create your first plugin within 60 seconds

With these tools you are building these plugins quickly and getting them to market.  Gone is the long lead time to find a developer, explain it, go back and forth, and finally wrap it up after months.  You are getting to market fast and seeing ROI fast.

How To Use WP Dev Suite

Since you’ll first want to use the plugins we’ll start with that.

  1. Log into WP Plugin Boss
  2. Select your plugin to rebrand.
  3. Fill out the details like the name
  4. Sell your plugin. https://codecanyon.net/ is a popular site to sell plugins on.

You can also add your own functionality to a plugin and sell a new unique plugin without coding.

Who Can Benefit From WP Dev Suite

  • Internet Marketers
    • Add the ability to either sell or giveaway new plugins.  These can also be lead items to sell themes and the like
  • Affiliate Marketers
    • Offer plugins as bonuses
  • Aspiring Coders
    • Without the time to learn to code, this is the next best thing.  You can custom work without having to code
  • Plugin Developers
    • Easily add some plugins to complement your existing plugins.  Sell them or give them away as lead items for your other plugins
  • Entrepreneurs
    • You have the ideas, you just need a way to get the work done and cheaply.  Do it yourself with WP Dev  Suite and aim for the big money.
  • Anyone looking to make a serious income
    • Anybody that is looking to use another tool to help them work towards a serious income.

What Do You Get With WP Dev Suite

  • WP Plugin Boss
    • Pick any of the 50+ plugins and rebrand them for resale. Add new functionality and sell them.
  • WP Master Developer
    • Take things to the next level! Add unique functionality or create new unique plugins for WordPress without any coding at all.

How Much Does WP Dev Suite Cost

WP Dev Suite is only $47 that gives you all of the tools mentioned.  The $47 is a one-time cost so you have these tools forever.

WP Dev Suite Cost Summary

WP Dev Suite is the tool for the job if you’re looking to get into making plugins easily for WordPress.  Thousands of new    WordPress blogs are going up everyday and it’s only becoming more popular.  Whether you are looking to jump in and start with plugins or you want to add them to your internet marketing effort, WP Dev Suite is a must-have tool.

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