Adtrics Academy Review 2019- Real Scoop From a Real User

Adtrics Academy Review – Introduction

There are more professional media buyers today than ever before and they are raking in the cash.

Not sure what a professional media buyer is?  A professional media buyer is an advertising person whose job it is to negotiate, purchase, and manager advertising space for their clients.

Adtrics Academy Review

Released: May 13, 2019

Product Rating: 9.6/10


The Adtrics Academy program is a specialized train course to become a Certified Media Buyer.  Much more than just videos, you learn and then you have live coaching sessions with the creator.  Quality all the way here.
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How much a media buyer can make depends on whether you work for someone or have your own agency.

The numbers can vary, but if you look on Upwork many professional media buyers pull in $75-100 per hour.  That is some serious money!

The money is great. No argument there.  What kind of work will you do as a media buyer?

Typically, you’ll build traffic and potential customers for businesses with a large advertising budget.  You’ll have to create ads that get attention and you’ll need to know where to put them as well as the right place so it’s efficient.

Sound complex but the money sounds really intriguing?

Well, Fred Lam has put together an amazing course that builds up your knowledge one layer at a time and by the end you’ll be the expert cashing the big paychecks.

Well, read below and find out a little more about this course.

Adtrics Academy

Here is what I’m going to cover in this Adtrics Academy Review:

Adtrics Academy Review – A Quick Overview

CreatorFred Lam
ProductAdtrics Academy
Launch Date2019-May-13
Launch Time6:00 EDT
Front-End Price$2495
Special Bonuses?YES
Home Page
Refund Policy30 day moneyback guarantee

What is Adtrics Academy?

The Adtrics Academy program is 4-stage Media Buying Certification Program.

Fred Lam will teach you both via course and directly live these 4 stages:

6 Brilliantly Strategic Frameworks

Throughout Fred’s career, he create 6 Brilliantly Strategic framework programs.  Each one of these frameworks deals with a different aspect of media buying and each one has the capability of giving you media buying skills of the pros.

The high-performance Media Buyer Mindset

In this course Fred mentors you to think like a high-performance media buyer.  Success is 90% mental and once you know what to do, you need to gain confidence in your skills.

You are also schooled on how to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to the failure of most media buying campaigns.

8 weeks Live Intensive Media Buying Coaching call

Now that you have the skills, you will be interactively working directly with Fred Lam.

You get a minimum of 2 hours a week directly with Fred and the opportunity to ask Fred questions directly.

For these 8 weeks you are going to to be using your skills with the safety net of being able to ask the pro questions as they come up.

Data & scale

In this skillset you learn all about the data.  Analyzing your campaign data is key to succeed.

This is the ultimate key to succeed and it these skills allow you to see scaling opportunities as they arise.

You will learn how to identify and analyze key performance metrics and how to leverage big data to scale things up.

Adtrics Academy Review –  Creators

Fred LamFred Lam is the well-qualified creator of Adtrics Academy.  He has a long history of creating his own way.

Fred began life as a dishwasher more than 13 years ago.  Wanting more, he began to venture into online business.  He worked hard and taught himself everything and worked his way up to being recognized in the media buying field.

Before long, Fred became the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada.

Today, Fred has many multi-million businesses including iPro Academy.  He has coached thousands of budding media buyers and has written such hits as Zero Up to help every digital media buying marketer.

So suffice to say Fred knows all about media buying.  He’s proven it in the real business world.  There’s not much more I can say about Fred other than he’s already done what he’s trying to show you what to do.

Adtrics Academy Features and Benefits

Adtrics comes with so many courses for learning and live mentoring it really is a great deal.

Make no mistake, this is a learning course.  You are not just doing a few pre-recorded sessions.  You are learning.  Then you work with Fred since you have your education.  Now you’re working for a couple of months and you’re able to actually ask the pros questions.

This is a media buying school and you come out a Certified Digital Media Buyer.

In any case, let’s look at all of the features that you get

Privilege #1: Direct Access To Fred Lam’s 8-week LIVE Mentorship(Value: $16,000 USD)

This is not one of those programs where you just watch pre-recorded videos.

You will have live coaching sessions with Fred Lam for 8 weeks straight for a minimum of 2 hours each week.  You will learn from Fred, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask Fred questions directly.

This 8-week mentorship is custom-tailored to you and ensures you get maximum results so you have the best chance at 6 figures incomes.

Privilege #2: Master My 6 B.S. (Brilliantly Strategic) Framework That Can Be Replicated To Any Business (Value: $5,982 USD)

Throughout his career, Fred created 6 different B.S. (Brilliantly Strategic) frameworks that anyone can replicate success using.

Any one of these could turn you into  a 6+ figure earner.  You get a total of 6 of these frameworks.

You are getting Fred’s frameworks that are time-tested and create success.

6 Brilliantly Strategic Frameworks

The 6 frameworks of the Adtrics Program

  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliate
  • ECommerce
  • Agency
  • Local Business
  • Digital Business

These 6 frameworks are the 6 pillars that represent that different ways to do media buying.

Privilege #3: Shifting Paradigm To A High-Performance Media Buyer (Value: $997 USD)

Once you have the skills, you need to conquer the mental course.  In this one, Fred teaches you to think like a professional media buyer.

You learn to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to the failure of most media buying campaigns.

The thing is, media buying and psychology both come into play here.  You need to think about how your audience is going to do things so you can plan accordingly.  the media buyers that flourish are the ones that learn this step of marketing psychology.

Priviledge 4: Generating Revenue With The Infinite Loophole™ (Value: $1,997 USD)

Once you become a Certified Media Buyer, you can apply Fred Lam’s Infinite Loophole™ strategy to client business’s and charge them $2500 or more with great success.

This repeatable strategy can be applied to any businesses.  It is the ultimate scaling strategy to generate targeted leads and keep them generating profit in your sales funnel.

Privilege #5: Leveraging Big Data To Turn Traffic Into A Revenue-Generator (Value: $997 USD)

Knowing how to work with campaign data is key to media buying success.  Many buyers fail because they don’t know how to properly analyze and optimize their campaign data.  Being able to capitalize on opportunities of scales is key when you have a winning formula.

In this course you will learn how to become a data expert so that you can pinpoint key performance metrics and creatively leverage big data to scale up your business.

Privilege #6: Your Opportunity To Work With Fred Lam Directly (Priceless)

This is yet another opportunity as you now possess a very in-demand skill.

Fred Lam built this program because he need more media buyers.  If you become Adtrics Certified, you will have the potential to work directly for Fred Lam in his multi-million dollar businesses.

Additionally, you will be added into the Adtrics Alliance and acknowledged as a High-Performance Media Buyer and potentially become a media buyer in Fred’s entrepreneur network.

There are strict qualifications and step 1 is to get certified in the High-Performance Media Buyer Certification Program.

That is a total value of $25,973 USD.  With bonuses factored in, it’s $30,764 USD.  Pretty impressive.

What are you waiting for?

30-day Money back guarantee. NO RISK.
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What are the best features of Adtrics Academy?

Without a doubt, the best feature of Adtrics Academy that I can highlight in this Adtrics review is that you get to have live coaching sessions with Fred himself.

First, you learn from all of the courses so that you understand what is going on.

With all of that knowledge, you are working and interacting LIVE with Fred every week and able to ask questions.  This is the part that many do not do.  You need to be able to have feedback on your learning so that you truly understand it and master these skillsets.

And Fred delivers here.  You are getting every opportunity to learn and practice an in-demand skill that makes some serious amounts of money and it’s from one of the best.

This is not one of those pure schooling but nothing practical.  You get both aspects with this course.

Adtrics Academy Pricing

Adtrics Academy is $2495.00 usd as a one time fee or 997 usd paid over 3 installments.

While it sounds a little expensive, it will also enable you to get work as a professional media buyer which means your first job or client paycheck will cover the costs.   Talk about a ROI.

Free Course

Until May 27, 2019, Fred also has a free course he is giving away.

The free course in itself is absolutely amazing.

  • Get access to three complete step-by-step blueprints on building a profit machine
  • With almost no money, create a $300 per day business
  • Learn how to sell online without having your own products or investing your own money to build your own products

If you’re on the fence, try the free course and you’ll get a feel for Fred’s knowledge and if he’s this good for free, imagine what being his pupil will be like.

Adtrics Academy Refund Policy

Adtrics offers a 30-day refund policy if you have either made a full one time payment or the first payment of your installment and have completed at least 40% of the training.

Simply email them and they will honor their agreement.

Adtrics vs Competition

Fred Lam is not the only one offering Certified Media Buyers courses online.

I do, however, see that his course is the best priced with by far the most pros to it.

They have a 4-day curriculum course that certifies you in 4 days.  To be honest, you just can’t learn to be a professional media buyer 4 days from now.

They offer in-person courses training from hotel conference rooms

The basic 4-day training is $4950 that includes basics, radio media buying, tv/cable media buying, and print media buying.

You can add the 3-hour internet training for an additional $1650 bringing the total price up to $5,550.

This is more like an ad agency type job.  Adtrics is meant more for internet media buying instead of more classic and at $2495 vs $5550 it’s far far cheaper.

They have what is called the Digital Media Planning & Buying courses.  It appears only half of them are currently offered and even that half is over $1300.  You really only have 6 courses and they are labeled on-demand webinar which means you are attending via the internet which is fine, but it may possibly be pre-recorded.

The site appears professional and I would think they provide a lot of information.

Fred Lam’s Adtrics not only teaches you but you work with him live so you are using your knowledge which I think makes it a better option than this competitor.

How can you make Adtrics work for you?

Once you are fully trained and an expert Certified Media Buyer, you have multiple routes open to you.

You can use Fred’s Infinite Loophole strategy for media buying and get paid rather handsomely at $2500 usd+ per client to provide these expert skills to generate traffic leads into the sales funnels of your clients.

You also have the possibility once you are certified of working either directly for Fred in one of his multi-million dollar businesses or possibly within Fred’s network of entrepreneurs.

That is quite a lot of opportunity since you have just learned a very in-demand skill se.

Adtrics Academy Review – Final Thoughts

To get a well-paying job, you need a skill that demands that price.

Some people attend college for advanced degrees.  Some people go to real estate schools.  Some people go for training in the trades such as electrical or plumbing.

For you, this is advanced training from the guru to become a Certified Media Buyer.

This is one of those skills that will be in even more demand in the future.  Advertising is at the heart of everything from being on websites to being the commercials you see on TV.  And you are going to have some of the most advanced and functional training there is.

This is an investment in yourself.  You will have new advanced skills as a result of this and you will be able to do things that only a handful of people can do today.

Add to that a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there is no risk to advancing yourself today with an in-demand skill.

What are you waiting for?

30-day Money back guarantee. NO RISK.
Take action today and create success!

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Adtrics Academy Review – Special Bonuses

You have the opportunity to get these special bonuses FOR FREE if you purchase through my site.

There are 2 simple steps to receive your bonuses with your purchase.

Step 1: Order Adtrics Academy by clicking here.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send me the receipt id in an email to [email protected].  I will send out all of the bonuses below (and possibly more) to you within 24 hours.

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Bonus #6: How To Build Your Brand With INSTAGRAM Images
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Bonus #8: Social Media Marketing BOOST
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