SurveyFlow Review – Discount + Extra Bonuses + OTO

SurveyFlow Review – Introduction

Digital Marketing is complex and hard to get results.  Whether you’re a product creator or a blogger, the real key is user interaction.

The best way to interact with your visitors is either via comments or via surverys.  SurveyFlow is extremely well priced and it’s a WordPress plugin so you can install it and have your first interactive survey with your visitors in minutes.

Engaging your visitors is key and SurveyFlow achieves this at a price point well below other paid survey creators and it can make all of the difference in getting key feedback to keep your efforts on track.


SurveyFlow Review

Released: July 25, 2019

Product Rating: 9.6/10


SurveyFlow is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily run survey campaigns and get real-time feedback from your visitors and customers.

It has big features for a small price (under $30) so get your copy today!

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Here is what I’m going to cover in this SurveyFlow Review:

SurveyFlow Review – A Quick Overview

Free Bonuses30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Launch Date2019-July-25
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Front-End Price$27
Special Bonuses?Yes, click here to see them
Home Page
Refund Policy30 day Moneyback Guarantee


What is SurveyFlow

SurveyFlow allows your customers to run survey campaign easily in WordPress; collect feedback from their audience, adjust score for participants, and set logic. So they can understand their customers better and cut off all the expensive research and testing costs, as well as build a huge list, segment leads, and convert more sales.

SurveyFlow can help your customers to optimize their marketing campaign by doing these three critical activities:

    Discover audience needs and dig deeper into their head through survey to provide relevant offers – something that they really need and want.This can be a key difference between you and your competition.  Paying attention to your visitors is the only way to get ahead.
    Segment audience automatically based on their response to provide relevant offers to the right audience.This is actually one of the hallmarks of digital marketing but it can be tough to achieve.  You are trying to provide the offers they would be interested in.  Google is actually the master at this and every big successful business finds a way to provide the most relevant offers so they benefit you.
    Convert leads and visitors into paying customers better by being more relevant. No more guessing while cutting off research and testing costs.You want to provide content and offers your visitors want.  Your visitors want this as well.  This helps you connect so you both are on the same page.

So in a nutshell SurveyFlow is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin that will allow you interact more with your customers so that you’re handed the key to success on a silver platter.

SurveyFlow Review – Creators

MarketoolsSurveyFlow is brought to you by the
Marketools is also the company behind Express Funnels (which is offered with an OTO with this product).

What are the best features of SurveyFlow


Tons Of Layouts

Forget all the boring survey appearances. Create an attractive survey with SurveyFlow that drives interaction and engagement. Create survey from scratch or choose from tons of gorgeous templates that we’ve provided.

Getting all of those pre-made templates just saves more time than you imagine in getting to a good-looking survey.  The key is to look professional and SurveyFlow can achieve it easily.


Fully Customizable

SurveyFlow lets you customize your survey appearance the way you like it. You can change the background color to fit with your brand, font color, font size, add a background image, and more.

Being able to customize the colors and such is pretty much a given or the software wouldn’t be worth it to buy it.  It’s still something you need confirmation of before purchasing however.


Survey Statistics

Gather valuable insights and view your survey statistics in no time. SurveyFlow statistics reveal the crucial data from participants, so you can assess and understand your audience easily and quickly.

This is actually one of the best ways to come up with new article topics and such.


Autoresponder Integration

SurveyFlow uses HTML opt-in form as the Autoresponder integration to make it super flexible. So it’s going to work with almost any Autoresponder service out there –  SurveyFlow works with ANY Autoresponder seamlessly.

What this means is that anything that supports HTML will support your survey:

  • A sidebar entry on your WordPress blog.
  • A newsletter that you send out to users.
  • In a popup.
  • Technically even on a guest post on another blog

It just means that it works without limitation.  The way it should.


Dynamic Variable

It’s going to make your subscribers easier to participate in your survey, as they don’t need to enter their name and/or email if you use this feature. Their name and email will be automatically filled on your opt-in form – in the case you throw your survey to your list.

Right now when I send out a newsletter, it has placeholders like {name} and such and the system will automatically put their name in the email.

When you email out to your list, you can use one of these placeholders right in the form itself so that when they see the form in their email their name and info is already filled in and they might only have to just pick an option.

This is a manual option so you’ll have to know HTML but it’s pretty simple to do.


Set Logic

Powerful conditional logic system for segmenting users by their response. You can utilize redirect logic or opt-in logic. For example, if someone answers ‘Yes’ to a question, redirect him/her to page A, and If he/she answers ‘No’, redirect him/her to page B.

Or, if someone answers ‘Yes’ to a question, show him/her opt-in form A, and if he/she answers ‘No’, show him/her opt-in form B. And it doesn’t limit to two set logics, if you provide 3 or more answer options, you can set 3 or more redirect or opt-in logic.

This is really handy so you can have a multi-step form.

What’s an even better use, is using to help your visitors to the section of your site they may find most useful.  for instance, if it’s a survey that says Pick what powers your website, the WordPress answer can send them to your Recommended WordPress plugins section, and it’s Builderall for instance you could redirect them to a different set of tools.

This is seriously powerful if you use it the right way.



You can use scoring in SurveyFlow to create a score-based quiz for your audience. Assign a score to each answer option and view the total score of each participant in your survey statistics.

The number one reason people link to a site is because that site has statistics.  If you collect and create statistics from the surveys, not only do you have incredible content and unique statistics, but your site pages are very linkable and will attract backlinks.

To take it even further, create infographics from your survey statistics and uploaded those infographics onto social media.


Flexible Display Options

You can display your survey on your own WordPress site, external site, and ANY website that allows HTML code embed. So it works with ANY website. You can display your survey as a single page survey, as inline inside your web content, floating survey, or as a lightbox popup.

It’s very important that you have the maximum flexiblity for this tool to be most effective.

Some survey plugins have where you create the survey and use that shortcode to show it.  That is beyond restrictive and I wouldn’t use a plugin that worked in that way.

Luckily this software is simple and lets you do what you need to.


Ultra Responsive

SurveyFlow works perfectly and looks stunning on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop). So you’ll never lose the huge potential of mobile traffic.

In the day-and-age of mobile-first indexing by Google, having everything be responsive (automatically adjusts to the display) is 110% necessary.  Again, this plugin does this so no sweat there.


Let your survey spread out and go viral by allowing visitors to share your survey easily and quickly, as they’ve provided social media share button intuitively.

People on social media love to have their say, and dropping surveys on your social media is a gold mine.


Tons Of Gorgeous Templates

Create survey easier and faster, as well as get insights and ideas from our tons of gorgeous templates. On your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll see our stunning templates. Pick a template with just a click to use it, then customize it the way you like.

Especially at the beginning, this is really helpful.  I didn’t know what look I even wanted, the templates let me test the waters to hone in on what flavor of surveys that I want.


Work With Any Website

You can display your survey on ANY website that allows HTML code embed. You can display your survey as a single page survey, as inline inside your web content, or as a lightbox popup.

Whether you use LeadPages, Elementor, OptimizePress, WordPress default editor, HTML web page, ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Builderall, and the list goes on – SurveyFlow works with ANY website.

SurveyFlow works with virtually all audiences



Do research and assess your target market with SurveyFlow and understand your audience, so you can promote something that they really need and want.

A good example of this is a survey titled Which Product Do You Want To See A Review On.  And then list out 3-4 popular products.  Then create a review on that product and link to a way to purchase it.


Advertisers Label

Stop spending money on the wrong audience and products. Instead, do market and product research with SurveyFlow so you can advertise and scale up with confidence.

In many different places in digital marketing this is necessary to succeed.

Take Adwords for instance.  If you are running ads that either don’t get clicks, or even worse getting clicks and no sales, then you can appreciate how much picking the right products to match the audience is paramount.

Using surveys is much the same way.  You use them to find out what your audience is interested in and present information and products that they will like.  Choosing the wrong product to match your audience and trying to push it on them is like pushing a boulder uphill.

The key is to use your current assets to your advantage.

Product Creators

Product Creators

Discover your audience needs and dig deeper into their head with SurveyFlow. So you can provide relevant offers to the right audience.

Much the same way, but in this case you are seeing what products to create based on your audience’s needs and wants.  This is actually pretty big if you are a company that release new digital products periodically.  Knowing if it has a chance before starting it is pretty much mandatory.



Reduce the risk of failure in marketing and product development. Assess your target market and understand your audience even before the launch.

That pretty much says it all.  Check with your audience and target markets.

Where you can really use this survey to achieve this in the real world is to create a really professional survey and include it in advertising so it can not only get you feedback, but garner new interest as well.

Of course, use it on social media too.  Put it in Facebook groups.

Coaches, Trainers

Coaches and Trainers

Get clear and valuable feedbacks from your clients to improve your services. So you can provide better experience for your current and further clients.

This is what the big businesses do.  They have polls non-stop and when people answer them, they find out what they didn’t know and they can now take action to correct issues or capitalize on interest in certain types of products.

I know you’ve been on Target or Lowes and you’re there like 10 seconds before that popup comes up to ask how they’re doing.  It’s always way before you even have a chance to form an opinion.  But, this is using a survey to poll clients.

Offliners, Consultants

Offliners and Consultants

Get clear and valuable insights about your audience needs and your products/services. Improving your business is absolutely going to boost your sales.

You need to keep current and you need to know what the target goal is today (it’ll change by tomorrow anyways) so you can keep your business on track with your current and future clients needs.

As you can see, this is a great tool but you need to use it like I mentioned above to take advantage of the possibilities.

Here is a short demo to get a better idea since this is a SurveyFlow review:

A Look Inside SurveyFlow

All of the talk in the world won’t show you the kind of results you get.  A “survey” is fairly generic.  So let’s see some actual examples made with this plugin.


Multiple Item Example

A Versus B

A Vs B Example


Multiple Choice Example

Yes Or No

Yes Or No Example


Rating Example

Custom Fields

Custom Fields


Text Example


Form Example

SurveyFlow Pricing

Regardless of what you purchase, I will give you own bonuses package worth thousands of dollars in addition to everything from SurveyFlow.  See the extra bonus section for more.

SurveyFlow Developer Price and Feature Comparison

SurveyFlow Developer 3 Sites License : $27

SurveyFlow Developer

This is the base developer package and the 3-site license:

  • SurveyFlow WordPress plugin
  • Install of a maximum of 3 sites
  • Install on both your own sites and client’s sites
  • Free support, forever!
  • Free updates for 1 year

SurveyFlow Developer 50 Sites License : $28

SurveyFlow Developer

This is the base developer package and the 3-site license:

  • SurveyFlow WordPress plugin
  • Install of a maximum of 50 sites
  • Install on both your own sites and client’s sites
  • Free support, forever!
  • Free updates for 1 year

SurveyFlow Developer Unlimited Sites License : $29

SurveyFlow Developer

This is the base developer package and the 3-site license:

  • SurveyFlow WordPress plugin
  • Install of a maximum of UNLIMITED SITES!
  • Install on both your own sites and client’s sites
  • Free support, forever!
  • Free updates for 1 year

OTO1: ExpressFunnel Personal ( Unlimited Sites ) : $29

ExpressFunnel Personal

With ExpressFunnel – Landing Page and Funnel Builder, you can create ANY kind of marketing page… from landing page, sales page, opt-in page, product page, your official website, and many more.

  • Increase the Value of Your Product and Business with professional and attractive web page. So that people don’t judge your product as worthless or low quality.
  • No complicated technical stuffs or programming skills required. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced, building the stunning web page has never been easier with ExpressFunnel.
  • Get the complete statistics of your funnels and pages, so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing activity and optimize more precisely.
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  • Boost conversions and generate more sales with the attractive, professional, and high-converting landing pages.
  • Super flexible – you can use this plugin together with ANY WordPress theme without harming your website appearance and without needed changing your current theme.

With the personal license, you can install on on your own websites.

OTO1: ExpressFunnel Developer ( Unlimited Sites ) : $29

ExpressFunnel Developer

The ExpressFunnel Developer has all of the same features as the Personal license above except you can use it on client sites.

SurveyFlow vs Competition

As with any piece of software, and even more common with WordPress plugins, there is competition.  So let’s look at the competition to SurveyFlow now.


Price-wise, WPForms is far more expensive when you consider SurveyFlow is only $27.  Right now WPForms is on sale 50% off.

WPForms Pricing

The difference is the features.  WPForms is very advanced to say the least.  It has a Drag & Drop Form Builder, it is Responsive (adjusts to the device screen size) automatically, Multi-page forms, and Spam protection among other things.

Feature-to-feature, WPForms is more advanced, but look at the price difference.  SurveyForm is a one-time cost of $27 and the absolutely most basic WPForms is $39.50 per year.  $100-200 a year is the average package and I’ll be honest in saying that survey software isn’t worth it in my eyes.

Another exceptional tool that leaves nothing to be desired.  However, it’s $99 per year starting so this may not be an option depending on your budget.

PollDaddy is a nicely done WordPress plugin and as a bonus it is free.  It is, however, more limited in functionality.

As with all of these, you need to evaluate your needs and budget and balance them.  I think for the money, SurveyFlow provides an excellent balance of features to a small one-time cost.

How can you make SurveyFlow work for you?

While there are many uses for an advanced surveying system, the best uses in my opinion is around marketing and advertising.

From the marketing perspective, you get to ask your visitors opinion questions about what articles are the most useful or whether they prefer your YouTube channel or your how-to articles.  You can get feedback so that you can find out the most well-received direction and go in that way.

If you’re an advertiser, you could survey your audience to find out what types of products you could weigh in on or let you know which of 4 articles has the highest quality.

If you’re a product creator, get feedback in a form that is easy to get people to participate.  Use this knowledge to make your site and product better.  Also, since you’re in WordPress, it’s a great time to pickup a WordPress sales funnel plugin so you can build out the sales page for your products.

The possibilities are really endless and while this plugin may not make you a ton of money by itself, it’s an essential tool in your toolbox to get to where you need to go.

Formidable Forms

Much like WPForms, Formidable Forms is very advanced but a bit more money than SurveyFlow.

Formidable Forms pricing

So if money is one of your primary decision points then SurveyFlow is a GREAT deal for you at only $27.

SurveyFlow Review – Final Thoughts

Major Companies List

What do all of the major companies have in common?  They all listen to their customers.

They constantly want feedback (how many times have you seen the survey popup on a site within 3 minutes of being there), and the successful companies strive to improve themselves to stay on top.

Well, here you have a high-quality plugin that you can have for under $30 and you now have this tool forever and you can easily get constant feedback.

Add to that a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there really is no reason not to try this very reasonably-priced software today!

Buy Now

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you have enjoyed this SurveyFlow review.  Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links.  That means that if you sign up using one of the links, I may be compensated for this.  The money we make helps keep this site up and running and creating high-quality reviews.


SurveyFlow Review – Special Bonuses

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