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My name is Tony and I’m a digital marketer and a software engineer.

I enjoy reading about the latest marketing software that comes out and putting up reviews to help others see what they’are all about.

I also write quite a few articles, “how to”s on how to do different parts of SEO and digital marketing.


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Looking to learn more about SEO and Internet Marketing? Then look at my list of educational posts where you can learn everything from how to build a website to how to get your true SERP ranking.


The categories above are  the easiest route to find articles on the topics you are interested in:

  • Website Building – In here I have articles on how to build a website from scratch or on common website builders.
  • Web Hosting – In here I have articles on web hosting services and which ones are good.
  • Video Software – In here I review video software packages that I have had the chance to personally use.
  • Search Engine Optimization – In here I have articles on how to do SEO right including especially on-page SEO.  Additionally, I have reviewed some software packages that help in SEO (usually more off-site SEO).
  • Internet Marketing – This is more of a general marketing category.  There are both very informative articles as well as reviews of some software that helps automate online work such as Instagram-related marketing.
  • Financial Software – This category has info around money type products.  At the moment, only on crypto software.
  • eCommerce – This category has articles and reviews on online stores and existing software.

Whether you’re looking for articles on SEO or on Instagram marketing or website building articles, there is a ton to read about on here.

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