Klippyo Review 2019 – REAL User Review and Complete Tutorial

Klippyo Review – Introduction

How would you like to double your video engagement?

Video content is the #1 way of reaching people on social media.  Many marketers are taking advantage of this and they have a clear advantage.

Creating highly-engaging content that is new is a lot of difficult work and it’s only step 1 to increasing your traffic numbers.

If you can create those amazing videos, you get rewards with plenty of traffic and sales.

The problem is, it’s not easy making high quality videos.

The reason many videos don’t get traction isn’t due to low quality content or laziness, but for other reasons.

The top videos have great intros, outros, graphics, images, captions, and more.  That professional edge helps push them above all of the other struggling videos.

Klippyo Review

Released: May 28, 2019

Product Rating: 9.8/10


Klippyo is a new app that can help to give your videos a professional edge and double your video engagement for a low price of $77.

Visit the official site

The good news is, there is a tool out there that helps you make these amazing videos with ease!

And the results can be stunning:

• 80-100% more engagement.
• 30-35% higher video views.
• 33% less cost per engagement.
• 78% more visibility in newsfeeds.

Klippyo is a new app that makes it easy for anyone to make these changes easily.

This app comes from a team of engineers that has worked at Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone so these guys have skills.

If you want to know HOW video has changed, WHY you need to know it, and WHAT you can do to double your video engagement, then you need to know more about Klippyo.

Follow along for my tutorial on making a video using Klippyo and see the actual results from a true real user.


Here is what I’m going to cover in this Klippyo Review:

Klippyo Review – A Quick Overview

CreatorJoey Xoto
Launch Date2019-May-28
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$77 Personal License

$97 Studio License

Special BonusesYES
Home Pagehttps://Klippyo.com
Refund Policy30 day Money back Guarantee

What is Klippyo

Klippyo is a brand new 100% cloud based video creation tool that can help you to make extremely engaging videos in mere minutes.

The top videos right now have lots of graphics, captions, intro, and more.  Even if you have the best content, it’s still tough to win out over these videos that have that professional edge.

Now Klippyo gives you that edge too and it’s so easy anybody can do it.

Klippyo is web-based so that means you can use it from your computer, your tablet, or even your phone.

You get things like adding animated intros and outros in just one click.  You get captions on your video in just one click.

You can even create videos from the video library of thousands of stock clips from Viddyoze Stock.  You can customize and use these videos instead of creating your own.

Klippyo is truly an amazing app that gives you everything you could want and more.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

How simple is it?

How To Use Klippyo Chart

So the software is incredibly easy to use and you can directly upload to your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account directly from within Klippyo.  That makes it very efficient and you’re able to get more videos done.

But the question on everyone’s mind is…does it work?  Exactly how important are videos to marketing?  Is it worth it investing in a video creation tool?

Well, look at these numbers right here

Video Marketing Effectiveness Chart

If you look at these survey results above, what it is telling you is that the quality of your video can make a huge difference in how effective it is.  Makes sense, right?

So realistically if you can use this tool to add automatic subtitles to your videos and 39% more viewers finish the video, then this software pays for itself on the first campaign.  Could you imagine any other tool giving you 39% more completed viewer?  It would be a revolutionary change and yet right here you can see how many doors this software will help you open.

And if there’s any doubt that video marketing on social media works wonders, just look at these results from an Ascend study:

Ascend study

No surprise here that email is the most effective marketing channel.  But we already know that because your subscriber list is gold.

But what you may not have known is that Social media (i.e. videos) are more effective at 54% than your own website is at 51%.  Your own video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook markets better than your own website.

So these videos you crank out will profit you more than the actual website getting organic traffic.  Actually, organic search is only at 25% so video on social media is twice as effectiveAmazing!

So if you haven’t realized that being able to make an amazing, professional, and effective video to upload to social media as one of your top channels then this is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing plan.

This is a great time to grab a great deal on a video editor that frankly is the smoothest and easiest I have ever used.  I have further down in this review a full tutorial on exactly what this tool looks like on the inside and just how easy it was to create a new video (hint: it took me only 10 minutes the first time).

Use this software…kick your social media side into Turbo…and profit like never before with this easy-to-use video creator.

What are you waiting for?

30-day Money back guarantee. NO RISK.
Take action today and create success!

Who Created Klippyo?

The creator Joey Xoto and the team behind Viddyoze, the leading automated 3D animation platform online, bring you this new software Klippyo. Alongside superstar YouTuber, one-billion+ views and 500,000 subscribers, Derral Eves!

Joey Xoto has been active in online marketing for a long time and has brought his experience and expertise to Klippyo.  There have been several Joey Xoto product launches that were huge hits such as Viddyoze, Graphitii, Prospectrr, iPocket Video, Viddify, and InstaThumbnail.  With a history such as this, you know Joey knows how to create amazing software and Klippyo definitely delivers.

The team that created Viddyoze and now Klippyo has served 100,000 customers.  They are a global team of 40 that has a proven track record.

Viddyoze has many features that you see in Klippyo so this app has proven software behind it and these guys have been doing this for awhile and they’re are the gurus in it.

If you look at how much this team that created Klippyo and Viddyoze is trusted, you’ll see this:

Trusted Team

This team is trusted by Vodafone, Sony, DHL, Tesla, Verizon, Scania, and Philips.  These are big names and they are choosing this team.  That should tell you that these guys know video and Klippyo is yet another high-quality product from this team.

Klippyo Features and Benefits

Get ready to create professional, engaging, and profit-generating videos right from your mobile device or tablet

All-In-One, Professional Videos In Minutes!

All in One professional videos image

Creating professional videos by hand is worth the effort but it can be very time consuming.

That’s the beauty of Klippyo.  There are so many ways to use it.  You can even use your mobile phone to take a video and professionally edit it … all right within the Klippyo app.

You can also use the software on your tablet or PC.

Meme Your Video In Just 1 Tap!

Create memes from your videos

Memes are widely used and fairly important to advertising.  You can take advantage of memes and increase your engagement, clicks, and even conversions.

While memes seem casual, the real power comes from social sharing of the memes.  These are icing on the cake.

Add Emojis, Text, Quotes & More In Seconds!

Add emojis, text, and filters to your videos

While you can create amazing videos with this software, sometimes you just want to add a few words to a video.

Maybe it’s an email address. Maybe it’s a website URL.  Very possibly it’s powerful humor or explanation.

Whatever it is, you can add text, emojis, drawings, and more to videos and it’s as easy as pie.

Add 1 Tap Animated Intros & Outros!

Add Intros, Outros, Stock Footage, and Stock Audio to your videos

Klippyo has a huge library of video clips you can use as intros or outros.  You can then even put text on top of those outros to put your website address for information for example.

Need A Square Or Rectangular Video? You’ve Got It In Seconds.

Create square or rectangle videos

There have been numerous studies on video size and shape.  Many have shown that square videos have better engagement from views, so this software allows you to create them so you can split test to see what works better for you.  Vertical videos tend to be the most common for ads you are going to put out there on other sites.  You can make either with this software as well as landscape videos so split test and see what works the best for you.

There are many different resolution changes you can choose from:

  • Landscape
    • Standard HD – 1920 x 1080
    • Facebook – 1280 x 720
    • Facebook Ad – 1200 x 630
    • Twitter – 1280 x 1024
    • Instagram – 1200 x 630
    • LinkedIn – 1280 x 720
  • Square
    • Facebook – 1080 x 1080
    • Facebook Ad – 600 x 600
    • Instagram – 1080 x 1080
    • Pinterest – 600 x 600
  • Vertical
    • Facebook Story – 1080 x 1920
    • Instagram – 600 x 750
    • Instagram Story – 600 x 1067
    • Instagram TV – 1080 x 1920
    • Pinterest – 600 x 900

So lots of choices to make the exact format you’d like.

Automatic Captions!

Add captions manually or use automatic captions

Captions on videos are one of those things not many people think about but just makes sense.

Studies have shown that videos with Closed Captions rank consistently higher on YouTube than those that do not.

With Klippyo you can either use automatic captions or upload your own captions.

Shoot, Edit & Tap To Publish!

Easily publish your video to YouTube

When you have your video the way you want it, normally you would have to render it in different resolutions and then upload and publish it to platforms like YouTube and others.

Direct Social Media Integration

When you’re done with your video, you can share it straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  All directly from Klippyo without having to download it and then upload it yourself.

With Klippyo you can publish your video and the system will post your to any social network you desire.

Don’t Have Your Own Video? No Problem.

Use Viddyoze library

Sometimes you don’t want to have to create a new video yourself.  Klippyo has you covered here.

Klippyo is fully integrated with Viddyoze Stock, giving you access to thousands of stock video clips you can use to create new videos from.

All you have to do is pick a video, customize it, then publish it.

100% Cloud Based Video Creator

This is one of the really great features of Klippyo.  The entire video app is powered by the Klippyo servers so it is web based.

It allows really great things like:

  • Works on any PC, tablet, or mobile device
  • It’s powered by their servers so you don’t need expensive equipment to make videos
  • Automatically updated in the cloud

Klippyo Pricing

Klippyo Personal License- $77

This is a license for single users who are creating video content for their own business.  This license has restricted features & limited assets.

Klippyo Studio License- $97

This is a commercial license which is an unlimited license with additional special features.

OTO1 – Klippyo Kreators – $47 per month

This One Time Offer (OTO) gives you access to the Kreator Marketplace.  The marketplace allows members to sell their video creations to other Klippyo members.  In this way, you can make money selling your video content directly.

The Klippyo Marketplace is unique in that it’s a marketplace that is built by member, for members.  In order to sell your creations, you can save your creations you make with the app as a template.  These templates, once approved by the Klippyo team, are then made available to the entire Klippyo Marketplace community.

As a user, you also have access to other member creations so this is a real strong-point of this software and allows for new content constantly and a real community around the video creations.

Klippyo Kreators also gives you unlimited access to ShutterStock.com content.

The default that comes with Klippyo is 80 video clips and images per month.  Subscribing to this OTO gives you unlimited access to use as many stock videos and images as you’d like.  Well worth it without a doubt!

OTO2 – Klippyo Masterclass – $197

The Klippyo Masterclass is a special high level class taught by Derral Eves.  Derral is a well-known YouTube expert with over 500,000 subscribers and over 7 billion views.

In this course, Derral teaches you how to use Klippyo to go out and get new clients.  This is using the software to it’s max and cashing in on your new skills and the amazing professional videos you can churn out quickly.

What makes his course any different?  Derral has taken beginners under his wing and turned them into $30,000 per month businesses.  Derral is a guru and he knows how to teach others to succeed.

Klippyo Tutorial On Making Your First Video

Here’s the exciting part! I am going to do a little tutorial and show you how to build an actual video using this software and show you whats inside.

Everybody claims to be a real user and listing what the software can and cannot do.  Here I am showing you as an actual user what this software does and how to use it.

So without further delay, let’s get right to making our own video.

    1. Bring up the main app.klippyo.com page.Klippyo App Main PageThis is the main page when you log into the Klippyo app website.  We’ll come back to the YouTube and Upload options and such after we build our first video.  Since it is a cloud based video creation tool all you need to do is visit the webpage in your browser.
    2. Select Stock Videos from the top menu.Stock Videos PageOn this page we see the Stock Videos page that is powered by ShutterStock.com . Here we are going to make a video using ShutterStock stock videos and customize it to fit our needs.I should take a moment to let you know that the Klippyo Personal License comes with 80 videos/images per month from ShutterStock as part of the license.   Considering that directly from ShutterStock it’s 50 images per month for $99 per month you are already getting almost $200/month worth of free images as part of the regular license.The Klippyo Kreators OTO for $47 per month comes with unlimited images and video from ShutterStock.  There’s quite a bit of 4k stuff but from my usage and there being such a huge amount of available media I’d go for the upgrade so that you have no boundaries.  This is still far, far cheaper than paying $200+/month directly from ShutterStock for the same availability.
    3. Search for the video type you’d like.Expert video clip results
      There are over 300,000 videos to choose from.  We are going to have a little fun here.  Let’s search for “expert architect” video clips.
    4. Choose your video clip
      Chosen video clip
      Let’s choose an interesting clip of an architect walking on screen and clapping.  Click the Customise button to start working with this clip.
    5. Start customizing your video.
      First Video Customization PageThis is first page you see when you start customizing a video.  On this page you have quite a few sections with a lot of functionality on the screen:

      • The project name at the top
      • The main video section in the middle. This is where either the frame you are working on is display or when you playback the video you watch it. Below the main screen are your configuration options.
      • You have the play button for when you want to preview your video creation.
      • The Plus Button is for either add media or adding animations.
      • Next to the Plus Button are the video frames. In this case it’s the green frames for this video
      • Below the video frames is a time-shared section that runs in parallel to the video frames.
        Selecting the button marked T lets you select which one you are viewing at the time. It can be either the Emojis, Quotes, Text Animations, or audio.

        When you change it, you see it on the timeline below the video frames for matching the frames and frame counts.

      • On the right-hand side is where you edit the selected on-video options.  The first is Edit Text Layers which is where we will set the text that will show on-screen in the Text Animations.
      • The Media section is where you can set the zoom of the video.
      • Memeify is where you can set a top and border meme-style sections.  In this tutorial we will be putting one on the bottom.
      • The Quotes section is where you can select quotes to add to the video based on the category you choose.
      • The Aspect Ratio section is where you can choose among Landscape, Square, or Rectangular videos.
    6. Add Text to the screen
      Add a Text Animation
      We are going to add our first Text Animation to the video.  To do this, first click on the Plus Button, then click on Add Animations.
    7. Pick a Text animation style
      Text animation choices
      In the popup, we see there are quite a few animation styles.  They animate right here on screen so you see a real-time preview before you choose one.  Let’s choose this one for this text box.
      Text Animation Choice
      When it adds, you will see in the bottom timeline the new text animation you chose.
      Text Animation Timeline
    8. Edit the Text
      Click on the Block Swipe Reveal button in the timeline and then expand the Edit Text Layers on the right-hand side. By default it will look like this:
      New Text Box
      Now we edit it to have Klippyo Video in the first text field, and Made with Klippyo in the second text which will then look like this:
      Put in our text box information
      Hit the Update button and now the text looks as expected. All we have to do is drag the text animation outline on the video towards the top where we want it to show. This is a great time to hit the play button to watch the new text animation popup.
    9. Make a second text animation.
      We’re doing the same steps, but choosing a different text animation and using different text.  This time, we want to choose this one:
      Second text animation choice
      . We want to make the first text field say Created With and the second field to say Stock Footage like so:
      Second text animation fields
      Just hit the update button and reposition the text field on the video screen and this one is done too.
    10. We’re doing this a 3rd time and choosing this text animation this time:
      Third text animation choice
      with the text Give Your Videos and A Professional Edge in the fields:
      Third text choices
      Like before, hit the Update button and reposition the text field on the video.
    11. One more text field.
      This may seem a little repetitive but the results will be clear in a little bit why I’m doing this real world case.  The text field that is showing is going to change so these will all be side-by-side in the timeline.
      We want to use this text animation this time:
      Fourth text animation choice
      We want to use the text Get Your Copy Today! in the fields as such:
      Fourth text choices
      And the update button on this one updates the fourth, and last, text field we are adding.
    12. Add a Memify footer to the video.
      Expand the Memify section from the menu on the right-hand side.
      In this section, you can add a header, a footer, or both to the entire video with the selected text color and background color.  In this example, we are adding Klippyo By ThinkBigReview to the footer only of the entire video.We are going to change the Bar Background color to something that blends in better with the video.
      Memify green footer choice
      We are going to choose green for the background.  Besides just clicking and choosing, you can also specify RGB directly if you know the exact color you want to use.  Hit the Choose button on this popup and then Done on the Memify section to apply the change to the video.Here is what the final result looks like:
      Final Memify SetThis footer will be there the entire time of the footer so often this will either be a title or a byline in the footer like I am doing here.
    13. Media Setting
      Media Configuration Option
      Although it’s not needed here, on the Media option you can slide the option which will scale the video inside of the window.  For full-size videos this isn’t needed that often, but if you are making a Facebook ad for instance, you may want to scale it down so the parts you want will fit within the video.
      Quotes Configuration Option
      I’m not using the Quotes in this particular video, but they are very easy to use.All you have to do is select a category for quotes such as Inspirational, and the system picks a random Inspirational quote.  If you don’t like it, you can hit the Shuffle button to select another.  If you do like it, all you have to do is hit the Add to Canvas button to add it right onto the video canvas and then position and scale it as you see fit.
    15. Video Formats

      Aspect Ration OptionsSquare Video OptionsVertical video options

      This video we are using the Standard HD 1920 x 1080 formation, but expanding out the Aspect Ration option on the right-hand you can see all of the options.  All of the standardized video format sizes are here to choose from among Landscape, Square, and Vertical video formats.

      As you can see, there are a ton of video sizing options to choose from.  For YouTube the Standard HD is fine.  If you are using ads to show on Facebook for example, the 600×600 is the one you want to fit within their specs.

    16. Add Audio to the Video
      Don’t forget the audio!  Let’s grab a really professional audio track to go along with the video.Add MediaHit the Plus Button and then choose Add Media this time.  Up comes a screen with many media choices such as Video, Images, Audio, Viddyoze, and My Uploads.Add Audio
      Choose Audio and let’s search for Inspirational to find some really great audio.Choose audioScroll down and let’s put the mouse over Uplifting and Inspiring World.  You can hit the play button here to listen to the audio before choosing.  This one is perfect so let’s hit the Add button to apply this audio to the timeframes.
    17. View the Audio Track
      Since the Text animations are viewable, we need to switch views to see the audio track.
      Second tracker chooser
      Hit the button below the Plus side that is the letter T.  The chooser expands up and let’s choose the fourth option from the top, the audio track.  Once you do this, the second timeframe track below the video will change and look like this:
      Audio Track
    18. Change the Video Title
      Let’s go ahead and update the video title now.  In the upper left-hand side of the screen is the title.  Just click the edit button to change the title and then apply the change.
      Change Video Title
    19. We’re done!  Let’s export the video.
      Yep, that’s all it took to make a video with quite a few features on it.  Find the Export Video button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and click it.
      Export Video
      In the screen that comes up, just give a name to the video that will be the filename of it.
      Export Video Name
      Once you hit the Export button, you will be back on the main Klippyo screen and you will see this at the top of the screen:
      Video rendering banner
      This will be there for a bit while the video is rendering.  When it is complete, you will see this:
      Video rendered
      Now you can either download the video by hitting the Download Video button, or you can use the Publish on YouTube button to publish it directly to YouTube.This is what the final product looks like after I exported it and uploaded it to youtube:

      Putting together this whole video took only minutes as the system is very intuitive.

What are you waiting for?

30-day Money back guarantee. NO RISK.
Take action today and create success!

While we’re at it, let’s go back and look at a couple of those features I mentioned in the beginning where you can import videos directly from YouTube to add more professional touches to it.

On the main page, there are options below the search box in the Library:
Library options

There are 4 different ways to import videos into Klippyo to work with:

  • Upload from your PC
    All you have to do is navigate to the file on your PC, select it, and upload it to Klippyo to work with it.
    Upload from PC
  • Import from YouTube
    Just put in a YouTube URL and the system will find the video and then you can import it right in as a new project to customize from there.
    Import from YouTube
  • Import from Giphy
    You can search for images on Giphy to import and work with.
    Import from Giphy
  • Import from Viddyoze
    If you have hooked in your Viddyoze account or select a OTO upgrade, you can search and pull in video and images directly from Viddyoze to work with.
    Import from Viddyoze
    All you need to integrate your Viddyoze account is to go under Your Account and select Integrations, then Add the Integration using your Viddyoze Api key.Add Integration
    Integrate Viddyoze


What I Don’t Like About Klippyo

To be honest, anything I list is going to be nitpicking and not a deal breaker.  I like the software as is and I think it’s an amazing deal.

However, my job as a reviewer is to point out anything and perhaps in a future version it’ll give them ideas for software changes.

Adding the Text Animations to videos is a little quirky.  Let’s say you have multiple text animations on the screen like in the example I built in the previous section.

Quirky working with text

If you want to make the first text block, Block Swipe Reveal  smaller and slide over the other ones, it’s not as straight-forward as I would hope.  You can only resize a text block length by dragging from the left-hand edge and dragging backwards to shrink it.  You can click the right-hand size but dragging it does not shrink the block.

Also, once you shrink and then slide over the first block, when you slide the second block, Block Lateral Reveal over up against the first block, they both resize back to the original size.

So it takes a little work to get it just right but I was able to do it as you can see in the example I uploaded to YouTube and included in the previous section.

A similar quirkiness exists when adding another media block to the end of the first video.

To be honest, that’s all that I can nitpick over.  The software really does make a great video and it’s really easy to use.

Klippyo vs Competition

There are always competitors and Klippyo is no exception.


I’m going to list Viddyoze itself as the first competitor.    It’s not exactly a competitor and it’s the same team.

You can make and buy/sell animations and templates so it has many things in common with Klippyo.  The Viddyoze app is animations where Klippyo is video.

I am partially including this so you can see the high quality of the existing products the team has churned out.  Some of the animations on Viddyoze are absolutely incredible and it gives you an idea of the quality the team stands behind.

Viddyoze Pricing
Viddyoze Pricing

As you can see, Klippyo is priced extremely well for being a high quality cloud app.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the foremost leaders in online video editing.  It is cloud based so it has a lot of similarities.  It does seem to be geared towards making videos from text and images more than creating videos and adding these layers on top.

Adobe Spark is $9.99 per month to subscribe.

I still choose Klippyo over Adobe Spark because I still want to make videos but add on intros and outros and text.  Even the base product is more up front but it’s a one time cost.  Factor in the OTO Klippyo Kreators marketplace and Klippyo is easily the smart choice.

How can you make Klippyo work for you?

There are many ways you can use Klippyo profitably:

  • Use the software to professionally enhance your social media videos and get the edge.  Put your viewer engagement into overdrive.
  • Video marketing to make professional videos for your clients.  You can do in minutes what would take many hours if at all.  Suffice to say, it means you can be well paid for your efforts.
  • Website owners can make videos to enhance their pages, ranking, and audience engagement
  • Business owners can make professional videos to put onto social media and get more customers

Is Video Effective?

Naturally I’m sure you’re wonder if video is actually effective.  I mean, people upload them to YouTube.  Companies put video ads all over the place.

But are they effective?  Are they a good ROI?

Smart Insights wrote up a great article on video marketing ROI and their research shows videos can do all of this:

  • Embedding a video on your webpage can increase conversions by 80%
  • Including a video in your email can result in increases in click through as high as 96%

Here is another article where they check into whether video marketing is worth it and by how much.

The summary of combining all of the research and studies they could find:

  • Video marketers  get 66% more qualified leads per year
  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in band awareness
  • 76.5% of marketers and small businesses are seeing positive results from video marketing
  • For 82% video marketing is a key strategy
  • 83% of marketers see good ROI
  • 81% saw an increase in sales and 53% had reduced support calls

The results are undeniable.  Video marketing creates profitable opportunities for video marketers and businesses alike.

So according to surveys of marketers, video marketing has a high ROI and is a key marketing strategy of most marketers.

How much is an extra 66% of sales worth to you as a business or affiliate?  You can see where the $77 for a license is a drop in the bucket compared to how much money it can make you.

Klippyo Review – Final Thoughts

If you’re making videos to put on YouTube and other social media sites, then you know how frustrating it is to be outranked by an inferior video.  Quite often their content isn’t better but their presentation is.

Klippyo lets you add all of those professional touches to double your visitor engagement and take the higher rank.  In minutes you can add intro video clips, outro video clips, text, emojis, and more.  And since it is a web based video creator, you can create videos using a PC, a tablet, or a mobile device.

You can even use Klippyo to create top-notch videos and then use other tools to help you rank higher on YouTube to really have the edge on the competition.

So if you’re ready to kick your videos into high gear and get the respect they deserve, check out Klippyo today!

Buy Now

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Bonus #7: Instagram Monetization Checklist
Instagram Monetization Checklist


Bonus #8: Social Media Marketing BOOST
Social Media Marketing Boost


MEGA Bonus #9: ULTIMATE Sales Page Graphics Pack
ECoverFX Mega PackThis is without a doubt the largest graphics pack. There are over 2,300 graphics ready to use in this bundle!There are:

  • Arrows
  • Awards
  • Books
  • Bullets
  • Buttons
  • Cameras
  • Certificates
  • Checks
  • Credit card logos
  • Desktops
  • Discs
  • Documents
  • Devices
  • Folders
  • Gnome
  • Icons
  • Laptops
  • Logos
  • Ribbons
  • Sales promo images
  • Search glass images
  • Smileys
  • Stars
  • Currency pictures

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