4 Great Websites to Get Your True Keyword Ranking in Google

Getting true SERP results is one of those things that it taken for granted.

The problem is that Google tailors your search results to your past actions.  A site you’ve clicked on a few times will have a better SERP position for you then for someone that’s never been to your site.

So what do you when you want true search results?

This is one question that anyone who is trying to rank higher is interested in since you want the true and unbiased results to know how much your efforts are truly paying off.

Getting SERP results

Option 1 – The Manual Way

You can do this manually with enough work.

You need to sign out of any Google account and wipe your Google cookies for starts.  Either that or use Incognito Mode.

However, this still doesn’t give dependable results and it is only from your location.

You can poll different Google servers in your locale and also in other countries if you want to know how you rank there as well.

To do that, you’ll need a VPN to use in multiple locations.

Option 2 – Use a SERP Checking Service

There are multiple options out there that will check your SERP positions for you.

There are both free and paid.  Free is always nice so let’s look at that first.

Free Google Position Checkers

What’s My Serp

This is one of my top 2 choices.  It’s just simple and works. And it’s free.

I used stackoverflow.com as an example site being in the top 50 on the net.

You just put in the domain to check, and then in the keywords part you put in the term, html layout tables in this case, and hit the green refresh button and you get the SERP location.

In this case, spot #14 is a Stackoverflow question Why not use tables for layout in HTML.

whats my serp screenshot

Additionally, you can expand out the Ranking button to get the top 10 to see what the true google ranks are for the top 10

whats my serp example

Not bad for free tool.

SEO Centro

This is another great google ranking tool.  I plugged in the same query and domain to see how the results compare.

seo centro example

You get with SEO Centro both the Google and Yahoo results, as well as the top 48 for both Google and Yahoo.

Paid SERP Checkers

There are of course the paid checkers out there that give really great results but it’s far from free.

Ahrefs SERP Checker

Ahrefs is one of the go-to for anything SERP related, and it’s no surprise they have a SERP checker as well.

There is actually both an instant SERP checker as well as an on-going Rank Tracker to track Google rank fluctuations over time.

Ahrefs does have a trial right now of 7 days for $7 so it’s fairly cheap to try out if the free ones aren’t good enough for your needs.


SEMRush is a really great tool and one I’ve personally used many times and will continue to use.

What you get when you put a page into SEMRush is the top organic keywords that it ranks for.  It’s not entirely an on-demand but you do get the keywords that rank which is extremely useful.

They do have a SERP Checker and also a free 14-day trial.

Rank Checking Summary

These are all really great tools I have listed above.  If you are looking for something simple and free and you just want a simple rank for keywords you explicitly select, Whats My Serp has worked well for me.

If you want more information around certain URLs, you want to know what organic keywords you rank well for, or you want a general SEO report on a URL, then I would choose SEMRush.

Just remember if you are working on all of this SEO, make sure to visit my article on the Essential SEO Tools that should be in your toolbox.  If you are working on the SEO aspects of your site, I have many articles right here on the site for how to optimize your site to get an edge.

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