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AliBuilder Review – Create a Profitable Store via Dropshipping?

AliBuilder Review – Profitable Store via DropshippingAliBuilder Review – Profitable Store via Dropshipping

AliBuilder Review – Introduction

Having an online store can be one of the best ways to make money.  But it can take a lot of work to load in each and every product by hand.  At times it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of work to build a profitable store

AliBuilder Review

Released: May 18, 2019

Product Rating: 9.6/10


AliBuilder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to import AliExpress directly into your WooCommerce store and sell via dropshipping directly from AliExpress.

But there is an easier way.  The AliBuilder dropshipping plugin for WordPress will go and retrieve information for you on the products you select from AliExpress and fill in the product title, description, product reviews, and more.

The AliBuilder plugin takes its cues from you and does all of that manual labor.

Here is what I’m going to cover in this AliBuilder Review:

AliBuilder Review – A Quick Overview

Creator Able Chika
Product AliBuilder
Launch Date 2019-May-18
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37 – 67
Special Bonus? YES
Home Page
Refund Policy 30 day Moneyback Guarantee
Recommended Yes

Who Created AliBuilder?

AliBuilder was created by Able Chika.

Able has a history of successful products with hits such as eCom Launcher and InstaBio Builder.

This time Able has launched a product that is very capable in helping you create a profitable online store and yet not have any monthly fees or subscription.


AliBuilder Review – What is AliBuilder?

AliBuilder is a brand new plugin that works in WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin to load your online store with products from AliExpress in no time flat.

Once you setup the products in your store, you can then sell AliExpress items directly and take advantage of the best features of dropshippping – they do the work.  They ship it, you make a profit.

How much profit is up to you.  As you’ll see, there are many ways to set your profit levels on items.

It’s very easy and it takes no tech skills needed at all to get this software up and going and taking advantage of the #1 dropshipping merchant.

Using AliBuilder is as simple as 3 steps:

  • With AliBuilder, you can markup the price on any product in a flash
  • Import product reviews directly from AliExpress to better engage your customers
  • Automatic product fulfillment system and order tracking built right into AliBuilder
  • All popular payment gateways are supported by AliBuilder, so you can take payments via PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU, and more…
  • AliBuilder comes with it’s own Chrome extension so you can import products to your online store while you’re browsing on Aliexpress.
  • With AliBuilder, you NEVER have to worry about checking AliExpress for product availability updates or other changes…
  • And you’re able to change the WooCommerce’s boring checkout page to a stunning one page checkout that’s proven to get better conversions…
  • This is one unique product your subscribes will love, proven to convert and line your pocket with awesome commissions

What are the best features of AliBuilder

No coding is necessary to use this plugin.

Another great feature.  You just use the AliBuilder dashboard within your WordPress panel to configure and use the software.

No monthly fees

You only pay once to buy the software and that’s it.  No recurring fees. No subscription.  Just buy the software and use it.

Easy Find High Margin Products To Dropship

The AliBuilder dashboard has the ability to search for products on AliExpress and import all of the information into your eCommerce store.

You can search for the newest items or order by price.  The thing is, some of these products have a 2000% markup.

AliExpress has over 100 millionquality products that you can choose from.

In my opinion the AliBuilder plugin could use more advanced search features due to the high number of products but you can still use this product to build a really profitable online store.

1 Click to Import Products

Grab the Chrome plugin, and go looking around on AliExpress.  Their site has great filtering options to find what you are looking for.  Use the plugin to import the products into your online store with just one single click.

AliBuilder Chrome Extension Included

This one is great and it is pictured in use above.  You can install the extension into Chrome and go look around the AliExpress website.  When you find an item you want, just one click on the extension will import the item over into your online store.

Filter Products For The Fastest Shipping Method

If you look at the last image, you’ll notice some products can take 25 days to get there.  In days when Amazon can often deliver the next day, choosing a product that gets there relatively fast can lead to more sales and fewer returns.

You Choose The Markup So You Can Write Your Own Paycheck

You can set the price in your own store and pocket the profit after the sale.  Seems like common sense but still has to be said.

Set Prices In Bulk

This extends off of the last item.  Not only can you set each price individually, but you can do it in bulk too.

How? Well, as everything has a different price and the system knows how much AliExpress has it for, you can have it automatically put it 10% over for all items for instance.

Customize and Edit Everything Without Any Design or Coding Skills

Once you have imported the products, you can edit the product information.  You can edit the title, the category, tags, status, description, images, and more.

Automated Order Fulfillment System

AliBuilder has what I would call a partial automatic product fulfillment system built right in.  What that means is you do need to take actions but under the hood it will do many steps necessary to achieve it.  Much like when you ask your phone to navigate somewhere.

You can fulfill order with just a few mouse clicks and under the hood the system takes action including syncing the tracking.  All from a few mouse clicks.

Multi-Language Support Is Built-In

AliBuilder supports a very large list of languages:

Import Product Reviews

AliExpress has tons of product reviews right on their site.  With just a few clicks you can import reviews and feedback on products and display it in your store.

You get the average rating as well as how many 1,2,3,4, and 5 star reviews.  The real winner is when you get the actual text of product reviews that are left.

Create Stunning One Page Checkouts

AliBuilder allows you to customize WooCommerce to change the boring checkout page with one that is proven more effective at closing the sale.

Automatic Product Updates

The AliBuilder plugin retrieves the information directly from AliExpress and updates in real time so you know the prices you offer are based on the current price.

This option is a must-have.  What would happen if you sold an item that was below your cost…you’d lose money that way.  So this feature is a very big deal.

Add Your Pixel & Boost Conversion

Using a pixel is huge to your business.  You can use it either for retargeting your visitors to get them to return, or you can use it to track their progress through your online store.

Perhaps you’d like to know if there is an issue in the ordering system that causes potential customers to drop out due to difficulty.  The Facebook pixel will give you that information and more.

Using the Facebook pixel is pretty much mandatory with an online business to succeed.

Social Auto Traffic

As you are importing products into your WooCommerce store, you can also have the system post it 5 different social media outlets.  You can choose from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, and Reddit.

Call on the power of social media.  Great products can be shared more often, but no matter what you’re going to end up getting tons of FREE TRAFFIC as a free byproduct by doing this.  You can even use other software to capitalize on Instagram for easy free traffic as well.

Here is a demo of what the AliBuilder plugin looks like in action to help with any other questions you may have:

Will Customers Buy From You vs AliExpress Directly?

I’ll bring attention to the elephant in the middle of the room.

Why would someone buy products from your store over the AliExpress site itself?

And the answer is: they don’t know. SERIOUSLY.

There are actually many reasons why you will get the sale first:

AliBuilder Pricing

AliBuilder Front-end $37 (until May 23 with coupon code “Early10”). After that it goes up to $67.

This is the one described in this review with all of those options.  A great product and the ROI is very high with it.


What are you waiting for?

30-day Money back guarantee. NO RISK.
Take action today and create success!

OTO1 – AliBuilder Deluxe – $47

When someone purchase a product this is the PERFECT time to offer a one time offer (OTO) as a post purchase one click upsell…

BEFORE they reach your “Thank You Page” but AFTER they’ve paid.

We all know it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one right? So why not make an offer (or two) when they trust you the most? Post Purchase One Click Upsells gives you this option.

Your customer never has to enter their credit card information. They simply say “YES” or “NO” to your one time offers. When they say “YES” that’s it…their card is automatically charged and their order updated

Order Bump Built In:

Use Order Bumps to upsell complementary items & impulse buys. These are not essential for the main product to work but they add value. For example – cleaning kit with leather shoes. if you are selling a eBook then a perfect bump could be an audio book

OTO2 – AliBuilder PRO – $67

  • Customer Order Tracking: Users can now add tracking numbers to WooCommerce orders. Track them using special tracking service (get detailed information about tracking codes you get from AliExpress suppliers) and send those data to your customers by email.  This system monitors aliexpress for tracking numbers, when they become available it get added to users woocommerce order tracking section
  • Highlight The Store’s Best Seller: When a visitor clicks on a product and sees the product best seller badge they are compelled to take action.
  • Product Image Swatches: Convert your normal variable (product variation) attribute dropdown select to nicely looking color or image select. You can display images or color in all common sizes. Works perfectly on all devices.
  • Display a countdown timer on products to create urgency
  • Savings Trigger: This shows potential savings on discounted products in absolute number and percentage. When a shopper sees how much they can save by taking the deal, they feel compelled to unlock the savings
  • Ability to share the most recent sales activity to activate social proof
  • This addon let’s you display the satisfaction rate to amp up visitor confidence.
  • Add A Bulleted Guarantee: You’ll be able to add a guarantee checklist showing your store visitors what your guarantees are, on your product page area.
  • Add order tracking page for your customers using special short-code. It’ll let your customers to check their tracking codes right on your store front. Customers can always come to your store front to track their orders to see their shipping progress.

OTO3 – AliBuilder Dev / Agency – $147

With the Developers/Agency  license users can activate UNLIMITED stores for themselves and clients

  • They can sell their built stores to clients
  • They can run this as service
  • They get unlimited license and store activation limits
  • This also activates the pro and the deluxe features for all of their installs and activations, for self and clients.

AliBuilder vs Competition

AliBuilder is not the only way to use AliExpress as a dropshipper.  In fact, dropshipping has been around a while so there are many manual and automated methods of doing something similar.

So let’s take a look at a leading competitor: Oberlo.

Oberlo is an application you install with your Shopify store that will work with AliExpress much in the same way.

There is a free option with it under 500 products and over that it goes to $29.90/month for Basic or $79.90/month for Pro.

Pros and cons of AliBuilder vs Oberlo

Oberlo has a few more features like multiple accounts and it can even pull products from multiple dropshippers beyond AliExpress so it has more features.

AliBuilder is far cheaper.  WooCommerce is free and WordPress is free.  The one-time cost for AliBuilder is waaaay cheaper than $29/month for Shopify and $29.90/month for Oberlo.  That’s $58.90/month and it may be beyond what you want to step into to start with.

So far as I can tell, AliBuilder is the cheapest option to get dropshipping up and going with AliExpress.

How can you make AliBuilder work for you?

I would have to say the main types of people/businesses that would profit from using this WordPress plugin:

AliBuilder Review – Final Thoughts

Maybe you’ve been reading about dropshipping lately and want to get into the game and make big money.  Maybe you have an online store you want to make more profitable.

Whatever your reason, if you want to use AliExpress to power your sales and you’re using WordPress and WooCommerce, then the AliBuilder plugin is your ticket to making it happen. With a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee and there really is no reason not to try this very reasonably-priced software today!

Thanks for reading my AliBuilder review and I hope the information I have provided helps you decide if this product is right for you.

Remember that after May 23, the price of the basic AliBuilder package goes up to $67.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you have enjoyed this AliBuilder review.  Please note that any links inside this article may be affiliate links.  That means that if you sign up using one of the links, I may be compensated for this.  The money we make helps keep this site up and running and creating high-quality reviews.


AliBuilder Review – Special Bonuses

You have the opportunity to get these special bonuses FOR FREE if you purchase through my site.

There are 2 simple steps to receive your bonuses with your purchase.

Step 1: Order AliBuilder by clicking here.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send me the receipt id in an email to  I will send out all of the bonuses below (and possibly more) to you within 24 hours.

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MEGA Bonus #9: ULTIMATE Sales Page Graphics Pack
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